Washington State Senate Honors WSDOT and WSP

“It’s so great to be recognized and appreciated on such a grand scale for the good things we do,” said Al Stancil, a heavy equipment operator in South Central Region

This quote above is just one I heard today from one of the WSDOT Maintenance crews who came to the Washington State Capitol today for a very special honor, Senate Resolution 8634

"...Be it resolved, that the Senate recognize and commend the employees of the Washington State Department of Transportation on their work to maintain our state's transportation corridors during and after the storms of 2007, 2008, and 2009, and the employees of the Washington state patrol on their efforts to assist our residents during the storms of 2007, 2008, and 2009."

The men and women like Al who work for WSDOT are very proud of the job they do each day. And it sure is nice for them and their Washington State Patrol colleagues to hear that others appreciate their efforts. But, truthfully, most of them were in a hurry to get back to their trucks and shops.

A number of Washington State Senators offered their thanks for WSDOT and WSP's efforts. TVW also broadcast the ceremony live and it's available on their website.