Top 10 iPhone games

With the release of the new iphone 4s loaded with duo core A-5 chip, people have become more enthusiastic about iphone games. The phone is loaded with improved graphics that display games more vividly. The top ten iphone games are loved by many because of their good design, structure and depth. Some of the games have been there for a sometime but others up-coming.

    Dead Space

Dead Space is one of the most popular iphone games. It is an action game that has horrors and space creatures chasing the player all through. As you are being chased, it is important to know how to negotiate corners and turns. The more creatures you escape from, the more points you earn. This game can last for over four hours. You can download it here.

Order and Chaos Online

If you like warcraft games, then Order & Chaos Online is the game for you. The game is packed with good graphics that can make you forget that you are playing it on an iphone. In the game, players are given tasks of fighting evil creatures and as one succeeds, they are taken to the next level. You can play this game as first or third person. You can download it here.

    Angry Birds Rio

This is a popular game whereby, players destroy wood, brick and glass structures by targeting bonds that hold them in place. Also, players kill monkeys as they try to downloaded golden eggs that have been laid by big birds. You can download this game here

    Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies game is among top ten iphone games that one can play on an iphone. Here, players place plants with special abilities in front of their yards to prevent zombies from reaching their doors. Armed with over 49 plants, you can have a good time as you try to fend off about 36 zombies. It is a game that you can’t get bored playing. You can download it here.

    Fruit Ninjas

This is a game where players target cutting fruits as they fall to the bottom. However, the trick is to cut as many fruits as possible and at the same time avoiding bombs that fall randomly together with the fruits. You can download it here.

   Words with Friends

Words with Friends made it to the top ten iphone games in the year 2009. It is a scrabble game that has been customized for the iphone. The trick in playing this game is to create the longest words. Longer words earn you more marks. The player with the highest amount of points wins the game. Words with Friends can be downloaded here.

    Infinity Blade II

Falling among top ten iphone games, the game features big swords that players use to fight off giant evil enemies. You can play this game for over 5 hours. Infinity Blade II can be downloaded here.

    Tiny Wings


This is one of the simplest games to play on an iphone. In Tiny Wings game, a player targets swallowing as much sunlight as he can. They are elevated by hills as they try to jump higher. You can download it here.


In this game, players target hitting orange bricks and pegs as they control cannon full of silver. You can download Peggle here.

     NBA Jams


NBA Jams is a popular among top ten iphone games. It features players who perform dunks from exaggerated distances. This game has amazing features such as fast game play. It can be downloaded here.