How To Embed Donanza Project Board on Blogger Page

Days ago, I had a hard time putting up Donanza Project Board on my blogger account. When I signed up, I was given my own Donanza Project Board URL. The picture below shows the page when a visitor click my Donanza URL which is


However, I just wanted to embed Donanza Project Board on my web page for the purpose of keeping my blog visitors on my site once they browsed over the project board.They do not have to be navigated to another web page. After days of searching on the internet, I came across this iframe code which is helpful in inserting a web page on my blog. The picture below shows the complete HTML code which I used for my Job Board.
Embed Donanza

I keyed in my Donanza URL on the iframe code. After a few seconds of integrating this iframe code on my blog, the result is this:

 You can try the iframe code above for your blog site. Just feel free to leave your comments regarding your experience.
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One of the things that any blogger wants to achieve for his or her blog is of course to attract more readers. After all, it feels great that someone out there is reading our blog/s. We can impart our ideas and at the same time learn important things from readers and fellow bloggers. The internet world offers a lot of opportunities for everyone. Not to mention, with the increase number of audience on our blogs, more opportunities to earn extra income as well.

Anyway, I consider myself still a newbie in the blogging world though I have been writing articles for quite some time now. This is my first blog ever. It will take me sometime to learn the ropes about blogging. However, I always find ways to learn as blogging really fascinates me. Now, to entice more readers on my blog, I came up with a job board page. A job board is just perfect since my blog is all about giving information about online jobs. 

Now, while searching the net for the best job board to use on my blog, I stumbled upon This site is for online freelancer and for those who have small and medium businesses. Freelancers can choose several available online jobs while small business owners can source out freelance workers readily. The good thing about Donanza is that there are several sites that supply job listings such as Odesk, Elance and several others on the site. This is a great opportunity for blog visitors to check out Donanza Project Board.

If you are a blogger, it is free to sign up for a Donanza Project Board. You can also earn extra income just by integrating Donanza Project Board on your site. Donanza allows publisher to use your own personal domain. (Next time, I will discuss on how I integrate  Donanza Project Board without navigating away from my blog.)

Moving on, there are two ways to earn income using Donanza. First, you can earn through users' click on posted projects the blog visitors may find interesting. You will start earning money once a user bids or works on the project. Second, employers can post directly on your own board. Isn't it exciting? You can freely set the price you want to charge for each post on your board. In addition, Donanza Project Board features easy to use interface and the use of RSS Feed to send new listings to your twitter and facebook accounts. Imagine, you can reach more audience not just for your Donanza Project Board but as well as to your site. Later on, I will update you more regarding my earnings on this site. If you are interested to join, just visit the site,

Disclaimer: I cannot attest that all jobs posted on Donanza Project Board are all legitimates. Projects posted are from third party affiliates, therefore use your own discretion whether to work on a certain job post or not. Remember, stay away from scammers who ask extra amount of cash from applicants. If you had unfortunate online experience, feel free to share it.

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How has your commute changed since tolling began?

by guest blogger Victoria Tobin

It’s been nearly a month since we began tolling the SR 520 bridge. And every day since then we’ve kept a keen eye on traffic patterns. Not just on SR 520 and I-90, but the entire region – I-5, I-405, and even that Mercer Weave across the Ship Canal Bridge. We’re watching it all. The common denominator is, it’s all changing nearly every day.

This is the biggest traffic change we’ve had in Puget Sound in decades. Drivers are still figuring it out. While it’s too early to draw conclusions with firm percentages, we are obviously seeing more congestion on I-90 and less congestion on SR 520. But that’s what we expected. Here’s another fact - we had more people cross SR 520 on Wednesday, Jan. 25, than any other day since tolling began. You can see how the numbers are still in flux and people are making their way back to SR 520.

While we’d like to be able to say that after a month of tolling we’re finally starting to see the beginning of the “new normal” in terms of traffic patterns, we just can’t yet. The reality is, we’ve only been able to collect about 12 reliable days of traffic data in the last month. There have been too many unpredictable variables (collisions on SR 520 and a stalled semi-tanker on I-90, just to name a few) that have altered the traffic data we’re collecting.

Since tolling started we’ve had three separate holidays, a week-long snow and ice storm and we are still cleaning up after heavy winds – there were numerous collisions, construction work and the post-holiday traffic rush – all variables that have changed and affected traffic all over the region and have had a significant impact on what we’d typically call “normal traffic patterns.” As a result, traffic volumes were way down across the region, not just on the floating bridges.

This is the first week since tolling began where traffic volumes are getting back to more “normal” levels. You (the twitterverse) see it too, and you’ve been tweeting and facebooking us, wanting to know what’s going on. We believe traffic will keep changing, across I-90, across SR 520, on I-5 and even on your local buses for the next few days, weeks and months. We expect people will continue to tweak  their routes and times to find something that works for their schedule, like they’ve done since tolling started.

It’s still too soon to make any changes and draw big conclusions. One thing we know is that traffic throughout the greater Puget Sound region is all interconnected. A change in one place causes a ripple effect across the region and not always where you might expect. It’s probably going to take upwards of six months before commutes really start to settle out and we finally reach that new normal.

That all said, it would be interesting to hear and know what your commute has been like since tolling started. Have you tried different routes? Changed your commute times? Tried taking the bus or carpooling? Are you working from home? What has or hasn’t seemed to work for you?

Your comments will be factored in as we work through this change. Thanks!

If you have questions or concerns regarding a toll bill, civil penalty or Good To Go! account please call 1-866-936-8246 or email

Snow fighting: an insider’s look

by guest blogger Jamie Holter

I love snow storms in Puget Sound.

Food Supply in the EOC
I love being in the stinky Emergency Operations Center in Shoreline with a flat of Costco muffins, Pirate Booty and satsumas.
Charlies Angels radio in the EOC
I love watching four news channels over different parts of the snow storm. Our maintenance crews planning their attack on snowy and icy roads, overheard on the
world’s oldest Charlie’s Angels two-way radio.  I love taking calls from staff reporting for duty who say, “When do you need me, just let me know.” 

Monitoring television coverage

Our Emergency Operations Center had been active since Saturday.  A storm manager on with King County, the National Weather Service and doing interviews; a traffic engineer tracking cameras and collisions, another person who’s tracking collisions just involving buses and large trucks . Those vehicles that cause the biggest problems.  Everyone is at the top of their game, except for the moments when they are mugging for the camera.

The traffic management center, the nerve center for operations in Puget Sound, has more staff tracking traffic, putting up information on overhead signs, talking with crews in the field and dispatching teams to trees down, icy spots on the roads or helping State Patrol.

Staff Monitoring Twitter
Then, of course, the public information corner: the kings of @wsdot_traffic. Their clever and informative tweets retweeted to thousands…when they aren’t putting together videos and taking pictures of our workers. They tell me they love their job. I know they do.

Snow and ice is always scary and I’m proud that my job involves helping people stay on top of road and weather conditions even if we’re just stuck in a building and not on the roads like our Highway Heroes who do the heavy lifting. The folks I work with are top-notch, dedicated public servants. We can’t make Mother Nature change course, but we are here to help you get where you
Crews on roadway
need to go when she’s busy breaking Seattle snow records.


by Carole Jackson
Bottom Line’s Daily Health News

Would you let a friend get behind the wheel of a car if he’d just been drinking and wasn’t steady on his feet? The answer is certainly "No." But if you’re like most people in the US, you wouldn’t hesitate to let a friend drive when he’s incapacitated for another reason -- drowsiness. It’s time to wake up to a danger that causes nearly 5,500 deaths a year.

Surprisingly, drowsy driving has gotten little attention compared with other driving dangers, including speeding, drinking alcohol, failing to fasten seat belts or being distracted by cell phones and other devices. That’s why AAA’s recent campaign against drowsy driving caught my attention.

I phoned J. Peter Kissinger, head of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, who told me that, in his opinion, drowsy driving is the largest unrecognized problem on the highways. In a recent AAA survey of 2,000 drivers age 16 and older, 32% said that they had driven while on the verge of falling asleep at some point in their lives, and 41% admitted to actually falling asleep at the wheel at some point in their lives. And that’s despite the opinion of 96% that it’s unacceptable to drive while drowsy! So why don’t we practice what we preach?


The 96% have it right. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), drowsiness is very similar in its effects to drunkenness. It causes slower reaction times, vision impairment, lapses in judgment and delays in processing information. In fact, NSF, which has joined AAA in publicizing the problem, says that being awake for more than 20 consecutive hours results in impairment equal to that caused by a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08%, which is the legal limit for driving in all states. And if you’ve undergone stress or slept poorly the night before, you don’t have to be awake for even that long to experience this level of impairment.

So why are we just now learning about this? As Kissinger put it, traffic safety experts have focused on "belts, booze and speed" and more recently on distractions by cell phones and other electronic devices. Also, statistics, he said, have downplayed the role of drowsiness in fatal crashes because it’s often difficult for investigators to determine if the cause of a crash was drowsiness, drunkenness, distraction or a combination of factors -- in other words, there’s no breathalyzer or blood test for drowsy driving. If a driver veers off the road and hits a tree, for instance, there’s often not any way to tell whether he fell asleep or instead was distracted when he tried to change the station on the radio.

As a result, US traffic statistics typically show that drowsiness is involved in only about 3.6% of fatal crashes, compared with more than 30% for alcohol. AAA has now recalculated the statistics by extrapolating data from accident reports and adjusting for unknown or missing data (like drowsiness). New calculations, Kissinger said, show that nearly 17% of fatal car crashes result from drowsy driving -- that’s on a par with distracted driving, which is thought to account for 16% of crashes. Plus, he added, 60% of people who "nod off" at the wheel do so when driving for less than one hour. "Drowsy driving doesn’t just occur on a long trip," he said. "It can also happen on a shorter trip, such as driving home after a date night with your significant other."


To prevent an accident caused by drowsiness, Kissinger urges us to...
  • Take a 30-minute break from driving every two hours or 100 miles to drink coffee or another caffeinated beverage. It takes about 30 minutes for caffeine to enter the bloodstream.
  • Sleep at least seven hours the night before a long trip.
  • If possible, travel with an alert and well-rested passenger who will help keep you awake.
  • Stay somewhere overnight instead of extending your drive time beyond the length of your typical day.
In addition, he said, besides the obvious case where you have trouble keeping your eyes open or your head up, you are too sleepy to drive when you...

  • Can’t remember how far you’ve traveled or what you’ve recently passed.
  • Find yourself tailgating or drifting out of your lane.
  • Daydream or have disconnected thoughts.
  • Often yawn or rub your eyes.
  • Miss signs or drive past your exit.
  • Veer off the road and hit the rumble strips on the shoulder.
  • Have to blast the radio and/or roll down the windows in an attempt to stay alert.
What can you say to friends who insist on driving drowsy? Try to talk them out of driving, and if possible, offer to drive them where they're going. If that fails, take away their keys, and don’t be afraid if they become angry. They’ll likely thank you later on, Kissinger said, especially after you mention the statistics on fatalities caused by drowsy driving. A look at the stats will tell them that you may have saved their lives. 

Be well,

Carole Jackson
Bottom Line’s Daily Health News

*This article appeared in its entirety in the Bottom Line’s Daily Health News newsletter Review

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WSDOT helps to get the lights back on

While most are back to enjoying modern conveniences like high-speed Internet, some may still be wondering if they will have to spend another cold, dark night.

To make sure the lights and heat come back on as quickly as possible, our Olympia-area maintenance road crews are out with utility crews, working traffic control for Puget Sound Energy and others repairing downed power lines.

Monday, the crews were working on the tree-lined back roads of south Thurston County between Olympia and Centralia. These were hard hit with snow and ice last week and when branches fell, they took with them power lines on roads like State Route 121 near Millersylvania State Park and SR 507 between Tenino and Centralia, plus many city and county roads.

So what does a flagger or pilot car have to do with getting the lights on? Holding that stop/slow sign or leading traffic through the same 1/4-mile route over and over may not seem to help get power back on, but it’s those vital tasks that allow utility crews up in that bucket truck get their job done faster and safer, and make sure drivers get around those crews and back home.

Where, hopefully, the heat will be on soon.

Wordweb: English Dictionary, Thesaurus & Word Finder Software


Writing is quite a challenging task. There are even times that writers experience what you call a "writer's block". This is when you just do not know what topic to write about or simply nothing comes into mind. Aside from this predicament, writers are faced with the problem of using proper grammar and appropriate words for written articles. Sometimes, you may even be at a loss for words.

Well, you do not have to worry anymore. If you have heard about Wordweb English dictionary, then you are perfectly on the right track in your writing career. Wordweb is a software tool that can be downloaded for free. There are several versions that you can choose from. It only takes a few minutes to install. Wordweb comes in a platform. You can see Wordweb, Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wordweb Online all integrated in one platform. As you can see from the picture below, the platform is pretty simple and and easy to use. You will learn more synonyms and antonyms for a certain word. In addition, you will learn what part of speech a certain word is. All you need to do is type a certain word in the "Lookup" box, then hit search. Everything will just appear on the platform. You can also check for the right pronunciation of a certain word by clicking the icon on the upper right side of the platform. This is indeed a very useful tool for writers.

My experience with Wordweb is simply amazing! It is easy, fast and reliable to use. I do not have trouble whether I have internet connection or not since it can still work offline. This is a great tool for work and research. When using the internet, it does not slow down my computer's speed performance. I have been using this software for almost four years now. So far, I can say that it has greatly helped me in my writing stuffs and other tasks. Wordweb is a must for everyone. It is not just a simple online dictionary but a grammar helper and spell checker as well. It boasts of several great features that would make the life of every writer more convenient and even the readers.
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Drinking and Driving: A Preventable Cause of Death

The Washington Post's Letter to the Editor on Monday featured findings from our 2011 Traffic Safety Culture Index relating to drinking and driving.  In that survey, we found that ‘Almost everyone said that drinking and driving was unacceptable, yet 14 percent said that within the year they had driven with an alcohol level probably near or above the legal limit’.

This means there are people out on our roads who find drinking and driving to be acceptable, and again shows the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude that exists among drivers. With all the progress we have made in this country towards increasing awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence, it’s clear we have a long road ahead when it comes to changing people’s attitudes and behaviors.

It is my hope that every year we publish this index, we will see the percentage of people who put their lives and others at risk by drinking and driving decrease, and finally put a stop to this easily preventable cause of death on our roads. Review

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