HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2013 for All Boards

English 2nd Paper Suggestion for All Boards
Part –B: (60 marks)

The following suggestion is the most common and probable for a public exam. Hope you will find common in your examination. For good result it is important to have creative writing skill. But, the most of our students don’t have the skill of writing creatively, so they should practice the probable questions.

Ouestion 10: Report or Paragraph

Here you may find any one of Report and Paragraph. You should practise the following in both formats as a report and paragraph.
1. A book fair (not for Dhaka)
2. Price Hike (not for Jessore, Shylet and Dinajpur)
3. Prize giving ceremony/ Cultural Function (not for shylet)
4. An Accident (not for Barisal and Dinajpur)
5. Deforestation (not for Chittagong)
6. Fire in Garments
7. A village fair
8. Food Adulteration
9. Load Shedding

1. Your College Library (not for Comilla) ***
2. Internet / Moblie Phone *
3. Load Shedding (not for Rajshahi)
4. Traffic Jam **
5. Your Favorite Teacher *
6. Drug Addiction **
7. Keeping Good Health
8. Dangers of Smoking *
9. A Baishakhi Mela.

Ouestion 11: Compositions

1. The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh (not for Dhaka)
2. Population Problem in Bangladesh (not for Dhaka) **
3. Unemployment Problem
4. You Childhood Memories (not for Comilla)
5. A Journey by Train you (not for Comilla)
6. Uses and Abuses of Television / Satellite Channels (not for Chittagong) ***
7. Blessings of science/Wonders of science (not for Barisal, Jessore and Dinajpur) ***
8. The uses and abuses of satellite channels (not for Comilla)
9. Benefits of Reading Newspaper (not for Shylet)
10. Drug addiction (not for Shylet)
11. Childhood memories (not for Shylet) ***
12. Female Education (not for Shylet and Dinajpur) ***
13. The value of time (not for Shylet)
14. Your First Day at College (not for Barisal) ***
15. Future plan of life (not for Chittagong)
16. Childhood Memories (not for Chittagong)
17. A Journey by Train (not for Chittagong)
18. Internet (not for Chittagong)

Ouestion 12: Applications

1. For increasing common room/ library facilities.
2. To supply an English daily for the common room.
3. Seeking permission to go on a study tour. ***
4. For the construction/repare of a bridge/road

5. Seeking permission to change an elective subject.
6. Requesting him to set up a canteen.
7. For a testimonial for University admission./ Transfer Certificate
8. Requesting him for transfer certificate.
9. To organize Computer club /English debating club/literary club.
10. Seat in the college Hostel. **
11. To the DC for the relief for flood/ SIDR effected people.
12. Job application with resume.

Question 13: Dialogues

1. A dialogue about the importance of tree plantation.
2. A dialogue about your future plan/ future plan of studies.
3. A dialogue about load-shedding.
4. A dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning English.
5. A dialogue between two friends on frequent road accidents in our country.
6. A dialogue between two friends about an exciting football match/cricket match.
7. A dialogue between two friends about uses and abuses of watching TV.
8. A dialogue between two friends about a book/ novel.
9. A dialogue between two friends about the causes of failure in English.
10. A dialogue between two friends about a visit to a village fair/Book fair.
11. A dialogue on the bad effects of smoking.
12. A dialogue about their preparation for coming HSC examination.

Question 14: Stories

1. Who will bell the cat?
2. Robert Bruce and the spider
3. The greedy king Midas
4. Two friends and the bear
5. Rahima is a garments worker and every morning she goes to her work……….
6. The crow and the hungry fox
7. The hare and the tortoise
8. The astrologer and the king
9. The mouse and the lion
10. A greedy farmer and his wonderful goose
11. The town mouse and the country mouse.
12. A dog stole a piece of meat
13. Sheikh Saadi
14. An honest and happy cobbler
15. Androcles and the lion
16. An honest wood cutter

Updated: 12 March, 2013
Students should leave the question of last year of your board.