Photo Friday: Amazing WSDOT Images of the Week

Here is a sampling of some the best photos uploaded this week to flickr.

Workers moving 200lb blocks of Geofoam into place as fill material for the east and west approaches of the Royal Brougham Way Bridge. Check out more photos and information on the project. Geofoam is pretty cool stuff. We'll talk about it a little bit more next week.

Journeyman welding pieces for WSDOT's new 64-car ferry, under construction at Todd Pacific Shipyards in Seattle. You can view the entire set here.

Bighorn Sheep along US 97A north of Wenatchee, part of our Roadside Wildlife set.

Worker smoothing out concrete for a new Aberdeen Transit Center for Grays Harbor Transit that stimulus funding is helping to get constructed. Wet's a good thing I wasn't there when this photo was taken as I would have been sorely tempted to mess up all of his hard work with a hand print or two. More enticing concrete photos can be found here.

"How was your day today?"
" know...same ole same ole...precariously perched on a steel truss suspended above the Nooksack River."

This is one of my favorite sets because as someone who sits in front of a computer all day, it illustrates how hard and dangerous the work we do can be. There are some amazing aerial photos of the bridge under construction.

There some construction closures going this weekend so make sure you Know before you go and check out what's happening so you can plan accordingly. Have a great weekend and drive safe!