Thanksgiving Travel Smart Quiz

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Got the shopping done, china and silver dusted off? Whew, those preparations are done - now it's time to prepare for travel. We will be working all weekend, but need your help. Test your holiday travel smarts with our Thanksgiving Travel Smart Quiz. With these tips (and others on our Web site) you can get where you need to be this holiday weekend, whether you are taking a ferry, crossing the border, or just loading the car with the kids to see grandma. Just remember to Know Before You Go, and travel safely!

When is the best time to travel on Thanksgiving weekend?

A) Right after the 5 p.m. whistle.
B) Just after lunch
C) While the kids are sleeping


Answer: B - while C might be the easiest, if you want to get there faster, try to stay away from the 3-10 p.m. time frame

. Check out our driver tips for Thanksgiving to help plan your trip.

What should I have in my car if I have to travel during the busy time?
A) Lots of music
B) A winter snow kit, tire chains and extra patience.
C) It doesn't matter, I will just be on the major highways.

Answer: B - while B is a must, A is a good idea. As for C, always be prepared! There are still some spots where there is minimal cell service. For answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on winter driving, visit our winter driving page.

When are the longest ferry backups on Thanksgiving Weekend?
A) Westbound on Wednesday afternoon and eastbound on Friday morning.
B) Right after discovering your uncle overcooked the turkey again and you’d rather be back home.
C) I’ll just show up right before my sailing leaves. 

Answer: A - if you want to make it to Thanksgiving dinner on time, C is not a good idea. Make sure you arrive early, try not to travel during those busy times and hope your uncle doesn’t overcook the turkey…again.

If my car breaks down halfway to grandma's house, what should I do?
A) Stand in the middle of the highway and flag down a passing driver for help.

B) Stay in the car, turn on your hazard lights, then call 911.
C) Ask your significant other to give you a piggy-back ride the rest of the way there.

Answer: B - although it might be tempting to flag down a passing driver, especially if you don't have a cell phone or are out of range, your best bet is to stay in your car where you will be safest. If possible, call 911. A dispatcher can make sure to get assistance heading your way.

What's the best time for me to head across the Canadian border?
A) Anytime. Canada had their Thanksgiving a month ago.
B) During nonpeak hours, before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

C) I'll just check the WSDOT border wait times and cameras before I go.

Answer: B - checking the border cameras and wait times is a great way to see what the current delays are. Typically, peak delays occur during the middle of the day, so if you can plan your trip earlier or later in the day, you'll likely have less of a wait. You can also view our average delay travel graphs to get a good idea of when to travel across the I-5 Peace Arch or SR 543 truck crossing.

You’re in the right lane of the freeway and you see a State Patrol trooper parked beside the freeway with their overhead lights on, apparently assisting a disabled motorist. What do you do?

A) Speed up and get past before the trooper sees you’re not wearing your seat belt.

B) Move left if safe, and slow down as you pass.
C) Continue at the same speed in the same lane. Be predictable and let the trooper decide how to best avoid you.

Answer: B - Washington’s Move Over law requires drivers approaching emergency vehicles to move left if traffic permits, and to slow down as they pass. WSP says this is an “easy” law to comply with. Simply ease off the gas, and move to the left. And of course always wear your seat belt. Even minor collisions can result in serious injury or death.

What is the most important equipment on your vehicle for winter holiday mountain pass driving?
A) Eight tiny reindeer.
B) Sharp sleigh runners.
C) Approved traction devices.

Answer: C - your local tire store can tell you if you have traction tires. And always carry chains. Check out our helpful video on how to install tire chains.

What's the best route to take during winter holiday travel
A) Over the river and through the woods.
B) Follow the yellow brick road.
C) Major highways with services.

Answer: C - you can see a list of WSDOT's roadway treatment goals to help you plan your route.

So how did you do? 100%? Stay safe this Thanksgiving holiday and save some room for pie!