Help us improve mountain pass email updates...

Whenever possible we like to provide you with the most updated information.   Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to a bit of information overload.    We took a step back lately to assess what information we are sending out and how it is working and one of the areas that caught our eye is with how we report mountain pass conditions via email.

When you go to a Web site to look for real-time information you expect it to be there.  That’s why we update the pass report conditions for the major passes (Snoqualmie, Stevens, etc) whenever those weather conditions change.   That way you know you are getting the latest information available.  This type of reporting works well for a Web page, but we are finding it doesn’t work well for an email.   We have been using our email system to report the same real time conditions for mountain passes but because these conditions can change so often we have found we are sending up to ten emails a day.

This is where you come in. Do you want to continue receiving an email every time the weather conditions change on the mountain passes, or would you rather only be notified when the restrictions change (traction tires advised/required/chains required)?

If we only reported on restrictions it would significantly cut down on the number of emails you receive in your inbox and would give you the most valuable information you need regarding the passes. Changing to restrictions only would also enable us to send you a text message instead of an email, because of the length of the pass report this isn’t currently available. What do you think?