Second Annual Traffic Safety Culture Summit

Since 2006, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has been researching America’s driving beliefs, attitudes and habits through our annual national Traffic Safety Culture Index survey. The 2009 Index showed how prevalent car crashes are in our lives: Nearly a quarter of Americans have been involved in a serious motor vehicle crash in their lifetime, and more than a third have had a friend or relative seriously injured or killed. The survey also found although the public recognizes dangerous driving behaviors, they continue to engage in activities such as talking or texting on cell phones. It’s time we consider the cultural factors that define our values and govern our behavior to improve transportation safety.

Last summer the Foundation co-sponsored the first National Summit for Rural Traffic Safety Culture in an effort to promote discussion of safety culture within the transportation community. The summit attracted more than 100 researchers, officials and policymakers and resulting in unanimous resolution calling on President Obama to devote more resources to improving highway safety. We’re now finalizing preparations for this year’s summit which will be held in Big Sky, Montana from July 11-13th. Similar to the inaugural summit, discussions will focus on the role of traffic safety culture, including what it means and how it relates to behaviors, attitudes and the implementation of safety programs. Keynote speakers are set to include officials from both the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Registration is still open for anyone interested in attending.