Electric vehicles...the first Nissan LEAF arrives on Friday!

The electric vehicles (EV) are coming…and the first one will be here tomorrow!

The first mass-produced Nissan LEAF, all-electric car, will arrive in Washington on Friday.

We are working on an electric highway project that will help EV drivers get from border to border in Washington without using a single drop of gasoline.  We have a project to install fast charging electric vehicle supply equipment every 40 to 60 miles along the I-5 corridor, also known as the West Coast Green Highway.

In a recent “Range Anxiety: Not on the Highway” article in Detroit Automotive News, Mark Perry, director of product planning at Nissan North America, maker of the Leaf electric vehicle said “The Green Highway is a crucial step in expanding the appeal of electric vehicles from early adopters to the mass market”

"You can talk about it until you are blue in the face," said Perry. "Until the mass market sees cars on the road and publicly available chargers in use, this is all in the future." (WSDOT's public-private partnerships) office is in charge of recruiting companies to help build a network of fast-charging stations along the Washington portion of I-5. Fast-charging stations, also called Level 3 (480-volt) stations, can recharge a battery in as little as 15 minutes. A Level 2 (240-volt) station takes more than four hours.”

Our EV project is making it easier for drivers to operate their vehicles.