A winter acrostic to help you be prepared...

Here's a little winter acrostic and haiku for you from our very own, Jamie Holter:

WSDOT Says: Be ready


Weather: it changes, check the forecast and check it again later

Snow: means different things to different people. If you don’t like to drive in snow, then don’t.

Diapers: bring extras if you plan a long trip with your young kids. (Bring prescription drugs, too, if you need them.)

Oranges: just one of the tasty snacks you’ll want to have in your car in case you get stuck

Tires and tanks: make sure your tires are inflated and you have a full tank of gas

Brakes, batteries, belts should all be in good working order before winter. Chains should be in your car.

Email updates let you know in advance what to expect on the road (wsdot.wa.gov/emailupdates)

Radio in your car is a great way to stay on top of changing weather conditions. News radio stations update traffic many times an hour.

Everyone can get home safely if we all prepare and plan ahead

All wheel drive. If you have it, that’s good. But everyone should carry chains. The only way you’ll cross the pass during intense snow storms

Driving too fast for conditions is the worst thing you can do in a snow or ice storm

Yakking on the phone: Don’t do it while you drive, it's illegal to do. We want you to make it home.

Traffic is building
Drivers leave before the storm
The snow rush is on

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