U.S. Dept. of Transportation Partners with AARP on Roadway Safety

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood recently blogged about the Department of Transportation’s partnership with AARP and their united effort to ensure that as our nation’s drivers age that they are safe, secure and prepared on our roads. A key area of this new partnership focuses their “We Need To Talk” program, which offers families helpful guidance on how to broach the sensitive subject of determining the appropriate time for an elderly family member to stop driving. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is encouraged by the actions taken by USDOT and AARP and hope to see similar partnerships develop in the future. With the number of drivers 55 and older expected to increase by more than half by 2030, senior driver safety is something all road users need to be informed about.

The Foundation shares in this commitment and understands what a difficult decision and subsequent conversation it can be to take away a parent or grandparent’s keys. The senior driver resources offered by AAA Foundation and AARP can help ease this process and related anxiety and resistance. The Foundation’s senior driving website provides resources such as free online quizzes, brochures, and a self screening tool that tests certain physical and mental abilities that are important for safe driving. Additionally, AAA’s senior driver website also offers valuable information including the effects of aging on drivers, tips for family members, and a list of warning signs to watch for among aging drivers. Safety is our ultimate goal, and we want to equip senior drivers and their families with as many tools and resources as possible to combat this vital transportation issue.