Safety Doesn’t Take the Summer Off

As the weather warms, students everywhere have started counting down the days until summer vacation. These three months of freedom usually include graduations, parties, road trips, vacations and summer jobs, all of which mean more teenagers behind the wheel. In preparation for this season, AAA and the AAA Foundation would like to remind parents that safety doesn’t take a summer vacation. In fact, seven of the ten most deadly days occur during the summer months.

Traffic-related crashes are still serving as the leading cause of death among teens in the United States and as we want both parents and teens to be aware of that heading into what many refer to as the “100 deadliest days” of summer. Teen drivers need to know that driving is a privilege and understand the responsibility that comes with it. To ensure you and your teens are properly prepared for the summer roadways, visit our teen driving website, which offers a variety of state-specific resources, such as tips and quizzes. Parents also can download a copy of AAA’s Parent-Teen Driving Agreement, which can help set realistic expectations and establish boundaries for teen drivers.

Keep your teen safe this summer by talking with them about the Top 10 Deadly Teen Driver Mistakes:

1. Risk Taking

2. Un-buckled

3. Speed

4. Rowdy Riders

5. Cell Phones

6. Messing with Music

7. Late Night Cruising

8. DUI

9. Peer Pressure

10. Overconfidence

Driving is a rite of passage that every teen dreams of and most parents dread. But a little preparation, trust and shared responsibility at the start will go a long way to instilling safe driving practices that will last a lifetime of summers, not to mention falls, winters and springs.