Cool Off Aggressive Drivers with an Overdose of Courtesy

Temperature gauges aren’t the only thing escalating with summer heat. Many things can cause tempers to flare behind the wheel, especially as roads become clogged with vacationing families and teens basking in their summer freedom. Instead of allowing frustration on the road to get the best of you, here are some tips to keep your cool and squash would-be aggressive drivers with your courtesy driving:

Check Your Emotions at the Door … of Your Car. 
  • Being overly emotional, whether sad, glad or mad, can cloud your ability to focus on driving.
  • Learn how to let things go on the road. Don’t let another driver’s bad behavior get the better of you.
  • Remember when the windows are down, others can both see and hear you.
Share the Road and Parking Lots.
  • There is plenty of pavement for everyone, so don’t crowd other cars, bikers or pedestrians.
  •  Use your signals and avoid abrupt starts and stops, no one enjoys those kinds of surprises.
  • Go slow and be alert in parking areas, distracted by hot leather seats and oppressive humidity drivers and pedestrians may not watch for you.
Obey the Speed Limits.
  • Guinness doesn’t give records for fastest commute or “beating the traffic.”
  • They are the law, not the suggestion. The road is not the place to make up time if you’re running late.
  •  If a car wants to pass, let them. Don’t get offended if you’re passed by a faster moving car—they’re breaking the law, not you.
Don’t Block the Box. 
  • Keep traffic moving in intersections. If your entire vehicle can’t make it before the light changes, then wait out the light.
  • Stay behind the crosswalk—both pedestrians and drivers traveling in the opposite direction will thank you.

If any of these tendencies struck a chord, go online and take our quiz to find out if you could use a bit more courtesy in the car. Just imagine how many traffic accidents could be prevented and how many lives could be saved if all motorists embodied a more summery and relaxed, easy-going attitude behind the wheel.