Improving our website

We’re constantly looking to improve the services we offer on our website. Recently, we participated in a usability study to see how we could improve it and better help you find the information you want.
The study gave us a great deal of information and ways to improve the website, like making our traffic maps more consistent, alphabetizing our travel links, and having fewer links on each page.

We made one change today that I wanted to make sure you knew about, because, like any change in a website, it may throw you off a little at first but we hope you will find value once you adjust to it. 

The thing that stood out most to us after the study was how difficult it was to get to our most important traveler information. Our cameras, mountain passes (very important in the winter), traffic maps, travel alerts and weather are really our core services that you need to make the most informed decision before traveling. We’ve now consistently displayed those five key links along the top left of every traffic page on the website.

We hope you find value in these new links as we approach another forecasted La Nina winter.

What's next for the website?
We are working on a flowmap and travel times across I-90, new cameras on I-5 between Lacey and Tacoma, a change in the tabs we use in the top navigation across the site, and making sure that wherever you are in our website you know exactly where you are and that you can get exactly what you need before you hit the road.

If you see anything else you wish we could change about the website, do take the time to let us know - we're listening.

P.S. And don't forget, we also have Android and iPhone apps: Just type "WSDOT" into the market place of each app store. We also have a small mobile enhanced website available if you can't be at a desk or computer.