Model Test On Preposition For Secondary and Higher Secondary

Test On Preposition for SSC and HSC Examination

1. Noise is different (a) — sound. It is harmful (b) — our health. If somebody exposes (c) — noise exceeding 70 decibel, he/she is likely to suffer (d) — hearing problem. This problem is acute (e) — big cities.

Answer 1: a) from b) to c) to d) from e) in.

2. A good student is fond (a) — books. He adheres (b) — his studies. He always tries to cut a brilliant figure (c) — the examination. He never deviates (d) — his duties because success depends (e) — hard work.
Answer 2: a) of b) to c) in d) from e) on/upon.

3. You know that smoking is not only a bad habit but also injurious (a) — health. A puff (b) — cigarette contains millions of particles which may cause cancer, blood pressure or loss of eye-sight. Nicotine in tobacco is very dangerous (c) — your health. Your teeth and your fingers will be affected. You will suffer (d) — lack of oxygen in your blood resulting (e) — your respiration troubles.
Answer 3: a) to b) of c) for d) from e) in.

4. In my childhood I had a close relation (a) — the river Dhaleswari. It was then a river (b) — great importance. The village of my maternal grandfather was (c) — the bank of this river. When I had been there, I always bathed (d) — this river. Alas! I do not go there for long. Because all my maternal uncles have left the village home and moved (e) — town.
Answer 4: a) with b) of c) on d) in e) to.

5. Cordellia took leave (a) — her jealous sisters with tears in her eyes. She begged them to take good care (b) — their father. But they said it was not necessary for her (c) — teach them their duty. She could look (d) — her husband’s welfare, and not trouble (e) — them.
Answer 5: a) of b) of c) to d) after e) ×.

6. You know that Bangladesh is a tropical country. It has a moderate climate. The climate is greatly influenced (a) — the monsoon which is a seasonal wind, it blows (b) — from the Bay of Bengal. It is from south west (c) — our country and parts of India from April to October. Crops are damaged. House and trees are wiped (d) — . Man and property are washed (e) —.
Answer 6: a) by b) out c) of d) out e) away.

7. Man has an unquenchable thirst (a) — knowledge. He is never satisfied (b) — what has known and seen. The curiosity to know more, coupled (c) — the indomitable spirit (d) — adventure has inspired him to undertake and carry out dangerous tasks. It eventually resulted (e) — epoch-making discoveries.
Answer 7: a) for b) with c) with d) of e) in

8. All know that smoking is injurious (a) — health. But those who smoke do not abstain (b) — smoking. They are not careful (c) — their health. Finally the fall (d) — many diseases. It is hoped that they will give (e) — smoking.
Answer 8: a) to b) from c) of/about d) in e) up

9. The Empire State Building is located (a) — New York in the USA. It is much taller (b) — the Eiffel Tower. It was 1250 feet tall during its inauguration by president Hoover Cleveland in 1931. Then in 1951 a TV transmission tower was added (c) — radio and TV broadcast. Thus the tower added another 222 feet (d) — its height and this brought on the total height of 1472 feet. The 102 storied Empire State Building remained the world’s tallest skyscraper (e) — 1971. But now it is challenged by some more high-rise buildings.
Answer 9: a) at b) than c) for d) to e) till.

10. Freedom is a birth right (a) — every human being. Similarly every nation has the right (b) — be independent. No nation can prosper (c) — independence. Independence gives proper scope (d) — the development of a nation. Struggle for independence has been going on (e) — many countries of the world.
Answer 10: a) of b) to c) without d) for e) in

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