Trip to the Snoqualmie Pass

From Patrick Conrad from the WSDOT Northwest region....

I came in at 4:30 this morning expecting to either head to Chehalis, Fife or I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass. After discussing the possibilities and reviewing trouble spots with my supervisor, we decided that Snoqualmie Pass was the way to go. I grabbed video and digital cameras and was off to adventure the unexpected.

When I reached the closure point at North Bend, I talked with the State Trooper on scene and was on my way to view the flooding damage from the recent rains. It was still dark and very hard to see when heading up the mountain. The current conditions called for me to drive well below the speed limit. I chose 35 thinking it was the way to go. As I made it closer to Denny Creek, I hit a patch of melted snow, sending water and mud across my windshield handicapping my view. After catching my breath, I pulled over to the side of the road to see what I had hit. I was surprised to see what looked like a river on the shoulder.

After spending nearly 30 minutes taking video and pictures I made it to my next stop: Denny Creek. I exited the freeway and captured a buckled road, a river across the road and several items of debris.

After my adventure through the pass, it’s evident why we have closed I-90 over Snoqualmie. Our crews are doing everything possible to make sure the roadway is safe for drivers before it can be re-opened. For more pictures on my trip through Snoqualmie, visit our flickr account.