Reopen and recover...

1 p.m. update: 90 sections of highway reopened. There are 34 sections still closed and 14 restricted.

10 a.m. update:
85 sections of state highway have reopened. There are 39 sections still closed and 12 restricted.

Busy morning this morning. As of 4:30 a.m., 68 sections of state highway have reopened. There are 49 sections still closed and 18 restricted. The amount of roads closing is changing constantly, so I would recommend looking at our county-by-county update site to see if a road is open or closed. If you don't see a closure on our travel alerts and slowdowns page that means the road has been opened. There were so many closures it became very difficult to navigate the site yesterday.

In terms of reopening the roads, here are some of the timelines we know of right now.

US 2, Stevens pass - Opened at 4p.m. on Thursday
I-90, Snoqualmie pass - both directions opened by noon
US 12, White pass - This area was probably the hardest hit of any of the passes, and we have no estimate for reopening yet.
US 97, Blewett pass - There are multiple washouts on this road, no estimate for reopening yet.

One important note to drivers: Even though I-90 will open to traffic, crews are still working out there to get it completely cleaned up. Please give our crews plenty of room if you plan on traveling out there today.

I-5, Lewis County (near Chehalis): 12:30 p.m. update: I-5 in both directions now open to all traffic.

In a weird string of events yesterday, we tried to route trucks past the closure on SR 7 yesterday but wouldn't you know it, a mudslide blocked the road. At least we tried :).

We have some amazing photos of this recent event on our Flickr account. There was an amazing amount of damage across western Washington.

On a side note:
Remember the trouble we were having with our AC unit in the server room? We put enough portable AC units and fans to keep the servers cool and the Web site up and running. Turns out that the part we needed to fix the unit was trucked up from California! They are waiting for us to open I-5 to get the part to us, so this closure directly affects us also. We will definitely breath a big sigh of relief when that part gets here and we can finally fix that AC unit.

We know how important these routes are for you and are working as hard as we can to get them safe and get them open again.