Photo Friday: The Bridge Edition

Repairs being made on the US 97 Columbia River Bridge at Beebe

Repairs being made on the US 97 Columbia River Bridge at Beebe after a semi-truck collision on Aug. 31 severely damaged steel trusses and beams that support the bridge. 

the bridge taken in 1919/></a><br /> </div><strike>Here is the same bridge in 1919. The photo was taken by a  Mrs. Dale Yetter  in the spring of 1919. This bridge was built by the Beebe Orchard Company to carry two 12-inch water <a href=flumesover the Columbia River from springs on the west side to an orchard on the east side.
 Edit* I stand corrected (Thanks Jim!):
"That isn't the same bridge, US 195 runs over a 1963 highway bridge that was built just north of this location. You can still see the concrete towers that supported the 1919 bridge, but the bridge itself is gone."
You can check out the entire photo set here as well as a little more information.

R 6, S. Fork Chehalis River Bridge
This is the SR 6, S. Fork Chehalis River Bridge. was built in 1925. At 22 feet wide, it presented safety and mobility issues along SR 6, which connects the SW Washington coast to I-5. Find the set here.

SR 539 Nooksack River steel truss bridge

A worker on top of the SR 539 Nooksack River steel truss bridge. I am going to quote Dustin since he says it better than I can, never having been on the old one or the new one:
"You know, when I drive over the current Nooksack River Bridge, I never think of it as being all that big. Seeing this picture of a construction worker walking across the top of the new one we're building helps put its size into perspective. It may not be the size of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, but it is big."
You can find the rest of the set here.

SR 542 Nooksack River bridge
Another Nooksack River bridge, this one is on SR 542 (Mount Baker Highway) west of Glacier. It's getting a bit of a makeover to help preserve the structure, prevent rust, and keep it looking snazzy.  Crews have repainted the west half of the bridge, and are now working to repaint the east half.  You can check out the whole set here, and Bronlea posted about the really cool shrink-wrapping back in July.

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