Photo Friday: I-90 Lake Easton Vicinity to Bullfrog Road Interchange Westbound Concrete Replacement project

cracked pavement
Deteriorating Concrete Pavement. We have several miles of this stuff in the right lane of westbound I-90.  Since July we have been working at night to minimize traffic impacts due to heavy summer traffic, but now that summer is almost officially over (where did the time go?) traffic has subsided and now we are working both day and night. Which means it’s serious crunch time because we want to get this work done before the first winter storm. For the safety of motorists and construction crews, we have restricted traffic to one lane in each direction during the weekdays, but on weekends, three lanes – two in the peak travel direction - are open to accommodate heavier traffic volumes.

Guillotine machine
A Guillotine machine. That’s kind of fun to say, what a crazy name. It never ceases to amaze me how many types of equipment we utilize. This one is grinding panels in the westbound lane.

hydraulic hammer

Once the panels are ground, they have to get broken up by a hydraulic hammer. Traffic is most definitely being impacted by the work. When crews work so closely to the roadway traffic tends to slow down even more.  Check out the rest of the photos in this set.

So, plan ahead if you are traveling on I-90 through this area:
  • Pay attention to the signage in the construction work zones. 
  • Visit our project Web page to view travel graphs for the best times to travel
  • Sign up to receive email updates from the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass alert system under Mountain Pass Reports.
  • Reduce your speed to 50 mph through the construction zone.
  • Dial 511 from your hands free wireless device or tune in to the Highway Advisory Radio at 1610 AM.
  • Expect up to an additional hour of travel over Snoqualmie Pass on weekends. 
  • Follow our WSDOT_passes twitter account, and learn about our very cool Direct Messaging features for the passes. 
  • Pack your patience!
Check out project Web page for more information and you can download a pdf (275 kb) of the lane restrictions to print out for reference.

Happy Traveling!