Summer Safety For Teens

It’s no secret that teen drivers have one of the highest crash rates of any age group. Their lack of knowledge and experience in handling specific driving scenarios not surprisingly makes them more likely to be in a crash. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that these risks are even greater during the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day – the deadliest for drivers age 15-20. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise because summer means free time, less supervision and more opportunities for teens to drive. However, it’s important that every driver makes an effort to avoid the distractions that summer offers. Warmer weather is a factor as more drivers put their windows or rooftops down - making it easier to be distracted by what’s going on alongside the road instead of looking straight ahead. More travelers going on vacation or to the beach means more passengers and the potential for increased distraction for drivers. Our 2009 Index survey found that 35% of drivers felt less safe now than they did five years ago – the number one reason cited was distracted driving. We’re now halfway through summer and I want encourage ALL drivers to keep their focus where it belongs – on the road.