Microworkers.com Review


It is quite amazing that we can earn extra income even within our homes. All we need to have is a good computer or laptop, a reliable internet connection and we are ready to go. But wait; before you get too excited, you need to do a thorough research first before you apply for an online job. You just don’t want to be a victim of any scamming employers. Always remember, you do not have to pay any amount of money just to apply for an online job. Anyway, as for me, I have tried several websites that offer home-based job opportunities for everyone. Today, I will be reviewing about microworkers.com. So, have you ever heard of this site? Well, first of all, microworkers  is a site for both employers and employees. There are tasks waiting to be completed by the workers. These tasks include voting and rating stuffs, writing an article, clicking or searching some sites and several other things to do. Each task has a corresponding amount of payments. The site is quite easy to handle. There is also a FAQ that you can browse through for additional information. Anyway, the minimum amount to cash out is US$9. One can cash out using MoneyBookers and AlertPay.

Now, my experience with this site is not satisfactory at all. From the time I first joined on this site up until this moment, I have never received any payments from them. To activate withdrawals on this site, you need to have your PIN first. You will request for the PIN number and it will be mailed to your address. I did this thing several months ago. I requested for my PIN number twice and I never received any mail from them. I have never cashed out my payments from them. The sad thing is that every time I requested for a PIN number, US$2 is deducted from my account. I am just one of those unlucky individuals who were not able to cash out our payments. I cannot claim whether this site is a scam or not since there are active members from this site who claim on getting their money without delay. I just hope next time instead of using a postal mail; they should make use of the email for workers to get their PIN number.  

How about you? What can you say about microworkers.com? Is it a scam or not?