I tried working on just around June of this year. I got curious by some people’s feedback regarding the site so I tried it myself. Anyway, you can sign up on the site for free and you get paid through your Amazon Payments account. For US based worker, you can easily cash out your payments by gift certificate from or you can cash out money through your US bank account. However for international workers, you are only entitled to an gift certificate. However, workers from India can receive check for their earnings. For further information regarding the payments, just check on the FAQ. 

Anyway, my experience with is not at all productive since I have a full-time job. I never expected to earn much knowing that I am an international worker. Gift certificates are just fine for me. Now, talking about Mturk’s platform, it is a bit messy at first but once you get the hang of it, it would be easy to maneuver the platform. There are several hits that are open to individuals. Some available tasks need some qualification tests before you can do the task. On my part, I have limited opportunities to do some tasks due to my geographical location. Most of the tasks involve article writing, audio transcribing, data researching, answering surveys and several others. Some tasks specifically require US based people. Anyway, sometimes I am lucky to get writing task like 150 words review which would cost US$1. Well, this is quite easy for me since I have more experienced in writing. Other tasks only cost a penny. My advice is that if you want to earn more, try to do tasks that offer higher earnings for you. In addition, you should view the Hits first before you accept the task. If you cannot do it, move to another task so you will not waste your time. 

All in all, I cannot say that this site can give a sufficient income especially for international workers since you can only get Amazon gift certificates in exchange for your earnings. Up until now, I have not received any Amazon gift certificate yet since I only have minimal earnings. The key to earning more on is to be an active member. You are fortunate if you are a US based worker. There are several opportunities for you. For international workers, if you are interested to receive gift certificates, then might as well sign up for this site. Anyway, feel free to share your experiences with Mturk.
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