Assertive to Interrogative

Rule 1 : If the sentence is in the affirmative you have to change it into negative interrogative. If it is in negative then you have to change it into bare interrogative.
Ass: He was very gentle.
Int: was n't he very gentle?
Aff: He is not a good person.
Int: Is he a good person?
Rule 2 : No auxiliary verb in sentence.
Change it by using  Do/does/did Or Don't/doesn't/didn't.
Ass: He plays Football.
Int: Does he play football?
Ass: They did not play football yesterday.
Int: Did they play football yesterday?
Rule3 : Never Replaced by Ever.
Ass: I never drink tea.
Int: Do I ever drink tea?
Rule 4 : Every body/everyone/ All Replaced by ? Who + Don't/ Doesn't/ Didn't
Ex: Everybody wishes to be happy.
Int : Who doesn't wish to be happy?
Rule 5 : Every + noun Replaced by  Is there any + noun+ Who don't/doesn't/didn't.
Ass: Every man wishes to be happy.
Int: Is there any man who doesn't wish to be happy?
Rule 6 : No body/ no one / None
Replaced by Who.
Ass: Nobody could count my love for you.
Int: Who could ever count my love for you?
Rule 7 : There is no Replaced by Is there any/ Who(person)/ What( thing).
Ex: Ass: There is no use of this law.
Int: What is the use of this law.
Ass: There is no man happier than Jamil.
Int: Who is Happier than jamil.
Rule 8: It Is no  Replaced by  Is there any/Why.
Ex: Ass: It is no use of taking unfair means in the exam.
Int: Why take unfair means in the exam Or, Is there any use of this law?
Rule 9 : It Doesn't matter Replaced by what though/ Does it matter.
Ex: Ass: It does not matter if you fail in te exam.
Int: What though if you fail in the exam?