Roadwise Rx: Your Prescription for Medication Information

By 2020, one in six Americans will be aged 65 or older, and most will still have a driver’s license. Safer roads, safer vehicles, and a healthier, more active older population mean that seniors are driving more miles and later in life than was previously the case. And, despite what we often hear in the news, AAA Foundation analysis has shown that older drivers are, in general, a safe and responsible subset of motorists.

Aging does present its challenges, however, and among these tends to be an increased use of various medications. Whether over-the-counter or prescription drugs, these medicines may have side effects that can impact the ability to drive safely, or they may interact in ways that cause impairment. However, a recent AAA survey of older drivers found that while 82 percent take regular prescription or over-the-counter medications, only half of these drivers have talked with their doctor about possible safety issues related to driving.

We are very pleased, therefore, to announce the launch of a new product developed by the AAA Foundation. Roadwise Rxis a free online tool that provides information about medication side effects and drug interactions that may be relevant to safe vehicle operation. Visitors to enter the names of any medications they are taking, and instantly receive confidential, personalized results. We encourage drivers of any age who use this tool to bring this feedback to their doctors and discuss options for mitigating crash risk.

Promoting senior safety and mobility is one of our key priority issues. We hope this new tool will raise general awareness of the possible impacts that various medications and drug combinations can have on driving, and offer a user-friendly way for motorists of all ages to receive information that is specifically relevant to them. As always, more information about the Foundation’s work in this area is available at, and additional AAA tools and resources can be found at