Create Professional Blogs for Free

Many of us are now experiencing using internet and the number of internet users is increasing day by day. For many purposes we need a web site for our own. But it requires some programming knowledge to build professional web site and most of us don’t have this knowledge. The article is for those who don’t have any knowledge of creating a web site. If you are willing to create a web site for your own, the article is for you.

For your information, there are two kinds of website. One of them is Web site what you are not able to edit everyday or frequently and the other is Blog.  As you are new here, I suggest you to create a blog website that will help you learn basic knowledge of creating a website. Besides, Blogging is one of the most popular sources of earning from online sources. But many do not know how to create professional blogs. By reading the article, you will have been able to create a professional blog for you. Here you go.....

Step 1: Create a new Gmail Account for your blog. Once you have created a personal Gmail account, go to the  . Sign in with your new email address and password.

Step 2: Click on the button “Create New Blog” Now, give a Name of your blog in Title, put an address of your site. It will be like “” and at last choose Simple template. Now click on the orange button “Create Blog”. Now your Blog is fully created. From your Blogger Dashboard, you can create new posts.

Normally Bloggers official templates do not look professional. If you want to get a professional blog, you have to download a professional designed template for your Blog. Then your blog will be more attractive and search engine friendly. You can get a professional template for blogger from

If you are ready to install new custom professional looking template. Read How to install template in Blogger.