Top Ways to Make Money from Online

Top and popular ways to make money online

Many of us often search How to make money from online over internet To make money from online is not an easy job. It takes time to become successful. There are lots of opportunities to make money from online. Here are the top real ways available for everyone. 

1. Freelancing: Many people get their works done by others through internet. This is called freelancing. For this, you have to sign up in an online marketplace where you have to work. Then you have to complete your profile 100%. For this you need to complete some test. When you will complete the necessary test, your job application quota will increase. Search for projects that you can complete and bid for that. Though it is tough, it is sure to get job one day. The popular and most trusted online marketplaces are:

2. Blogging: You can make money online from your blog. It’s really easy to start a blog. Start blogging in your favorite niche. Before you start blogging, choose your blog’s niche. You should start a blog about what you know more and are experienced. When you have 1000 visitors on your web site, you can earn easily by showing Ads on your web site. Many are earning a lot of money from blogging. If you are new to start a blog, read How to create a free Blog.

3. Get paid to write articles: It’s easy but you need to know English and have creativity in writing. There are many sites over internet where you can make money by writing article for the buyers. Two of the popular sites are EarnForBlog and Payperpost. You can get article writing job from and Article length should be  between 300 words to 500 words . Sometimes it can be more.

4. Affiliate Programs: Affiliate marketing or affiliate programs are to promote and sell a renowned product. You can earn a decent sum of money as a commission per sale. This is very easy to start. If you are a blogger you should start with a computer and softwere affiliates. You may work with Amazon Associates. It enables you to advertise its popular worldwide products in your site. You are only to publish and sell products online. For this you must have a website. You can get it for free. Read How to create a Web site

5. Google Adsense: You can try to have a Google Adsense account for your website. It is one of the highest paying Advertising sites of Google. You have to show ads on your web pages. When a visitors clicks on the ads you will be credited. You may try some Adsense revenue sharing sites to get Google Adsense Account. If you cannot have an adsense account, you need not be worried. You can try Adjagat, Bidvertiser, Yllixmedia, Clicksor, Infolinks. Also there are some popular sites.

6. Logo designing: Logo designing is a part of Graphics and web designing. If you know Photoshop and illustrator and have creativity, you can work as a logo designer. There are many sites of logo. You may see those logos and it may be helpful for you. You can also take part in logo designing competition of different sites. The prize money is very high. One of the most popular logo disigning sites is There are many logo designing jobs available In many online marketplaces like Odesk and Freelance.

7. Sell Your Photo: If you love photography and have a camera, You can make money from online by selling your photo at iStockPhoto. Many want a beautiful photo with good resolution for Graphic designing. You can take photos of different places, birds, rivers, natural scene etc.

8. Sell eBooks and Software: Are you good writer? Then you can write an eBook now and sell it online. You can write books on Computer Tutorials, English Language, Internet related what you are specialized. If you are you software developer, create software and sell it online and make money.

9. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Do you know what is SEO? It is the process to make any website visible on the first page of Search Engines when one searches any keyword. It has become one of the most important online jobs over internet. Many web site owner hire a SEO expert for their website. It is very interesting, enjoyable but complex task. You can easily learn SEO in a short time.  You can read About SEO.

10. Website Development: Building and developing a web site is called website development. For this you have to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Many people get a website created for them by others. You can get this job in, So why are you waiting? If you are new go to You  also should learn Joomla or Wordpress for it. These are comparatively easy.

There are many other sources to make money from online sources such as internet marketing, forum posting etc. The above are the most popular to make money from home. You have to work hard to succeed to make money from online sources. The most popular sources are freelancing, blogging and internet marketing.

For this you must know English well and be able to write well in English. To learn Basics of English you can visit an useful site OnlineTutorialBD.