Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

 By Guest Blogger Summer Derrey

WSDOT Sign Shop staff pictured left to right: Jacob Macias,
Brent Kinney, Rita Swart, John Crawford and Billy Gardner.
Not pictured – Mike Criswell and Chris Warren.
Did you know we have a highway sign recycling program? In over a decade, the state has saved $1,222,304 by reusing 529,300 square feet of aluminum signs. In Washington state, there are approximately 152,000 highway signs that include 52,000 guide and directional signs (big green highway signs), 50,000 regulatory signs (stop, one way, no U-turn), 38,000 warning signs (caution, school crossing, deer crossing) and 12,000 informational signs (services ahead). Signs help guide drivers for directional and safety advice. Highway signs can last up to 20 years, but weather and time can wear them out. While many signs are replaced as part of our highway contracts, about 11 thousand signs are updated every year by a staff of 7 in our 1 shop located in Union Gap.