December 18, 2008...

1 p.m. update

So here is what we know so far. Our Web site is getting slammed with traffic and due to technical challenges are hearing that it has been difficult to access. We put a text page up on our homepage about half an hour ago so that you can get at least the basics of what is going on. Here is the rundown:

Mountain passes
Chains required on both directions of Snoqualmie pass. Traction tires everywhere else. This could change moment by moment. Passes are fickle that way.

Northbound between SR 169 and I-90 has been very difficult all morning. Nearly a parking lot.

SR 520 - 10 a.m. update
Hazardous road conditions all along this route. Westbound SR 520 remains closed due to multiple spin-outs and dangerous driving conditions. The closure begins at the Union Hill on-ramp to westbound SR 520 to West Lake Sammamish Parkway. The following ramps to westbound SR 520 are closed: SR 202, Union Hill and West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

I-5 - 10 a.m. update
Northbound near Boeing field has been rough going all morning. The I-5 northbound ramp to the Boeing Access Road has been closed due to poor weather and icy conditions.

Seattle area weather update - 10:15 a.m.
This storm has become stationary over the Seattle area. We could see as much as 6 additional inches of snow (this includes downtown Seattle). This will last though and beyond the morning commute. The temperatures are scheduled to drop as an arctic front. Icing is a major concern for the morning commute.

Whatcom county
It continues to snow in much of Whatcom County. Crews on the roads report compact snow and ice everywhere, and blowing, drifting snow in the eastern part of the county. Chains are required on Mount Baker Highway east of milepost 39 (East Church Mountain Road). Our crews have every piece of equipment they own out on the roads, and they're doing their best to keep the roads passable.

Eastern Washington
Hearing reports of 18-20 inches of snow, conditions are bad all around. Expecting more snow today.

Web site
We reached 5.8 million page views yesterday. A new record for our site. Unfortunately we are experiencing internal network issues this morning. Pages may be slow to load or may not come up at all.

We will be updating this blog, Twitter, and posting photos all day today to keep you informed of the conditions.

If you can stay home today, do it. If you find yourself on the road and you do not want to travel any farther, consider getting off the freeway entirely or move to the right side. Please do not stop in the travel lanes or on the left shoulder. It prevents our road crews from getting through and it prevents emergency vehicles from accessing true emergencies. They need that left lane.

Thank you for your continued help and patience. We are working as quickly as we can to get our roads in good condition.