Direct hit to Seattle and possible Web site slowdown

Seattle got a direct hit of winter weather just as the commute was getting going this morning. All routes into Seattle are congested. People are getting out of their vehicles on 520 and driving backwards to get off the freeway.

Those coming in from Federal Way may have had no idea things were this bad in the metro area - they just didn't see this weather when they left home. Vancouver is also getting its first taste of winter in the metro area.

Our Web site also hit a million page views by 7 a.m. this morning - this could cause some slowdowns for users. If this continues we will switch to a more basic site.

Most of Eastern Washington is compact snow and ice. Those taking this day off to go skiing - be ready for snow and ice.

Here's some tips if you have to go into the Seattle metro area today:

  • Do not drive against traffic on the freeway.
  • Do not abandon your vehicle because we can't clear the road if you aren't there to move your car.
  • Please check your entire route before you leave.