Wind and blowing snow road closures

11:45 p.m. update: they just extended the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass closure from milepost 33 to milepost 106 (North Bend to Ellensburg). The Snoqualmie Traffic Management Center is now telling me westbound travelers may think about I-82 to Yakima and west on US 12 over White Pass. Or, north on US 97 to US 2 over Stevens Pass. Both Stevens and White have traction requirements.

11 p.m. Saturday update

The wind and snow has taken its toll on the mountain pass highways and Columbia Gorge. We have just closed Snoqualmie Pass. The crew at the top told me you just can't see. And the same down on SR 14 through the Columbia River Gorge. Oregon has also closed I-84 through the Gorge on their side.

We are also getting our first reports of freezing rain. With the snow and ice already on the road, freezing rain can be the most difficult to clear. It just freezes on contact to whatever it touches.

If you can , stay off the roads. If you do have to drive, be prepared for hazardous driving conditions. Jeremy has all the links in his post below. Please be safe. Know before you go.