Another Problem I Encountered With My Blog

I got so busy these past few days that I was not able to update this blog. Anyway, a  few days back, I posted here regarding the problems I encountered with my blog. I still need to work out those typical blogging problems. I thought those were just the problems that I would encounter. Yesterday, I checked my blog stats at At first, nothing was out of ordinary except the number of sites linked into my blog increased. However, I was shocked when I saw this site, Now, this really freaks me out. When I opened the site, it led me to my own blog site. Notice that the domain I used is There were some differences that I noticed on the other blog site. Look at the pics below and see the difference. 

  • The domain name is different. 
  • The ad which is running on top of my blog is not shown on the other site. 
  • Alexa rank is way different from my blog.
  • I got a PR 1 but the the copycat blog got zero.

Aside from those differences from my site, I was shocked that it has its own Alexa ranking:

Mine is this one:

I searched the internet on how to rectify this problem but to no avail. Did this ever happen to you? Maybe someone out there can help me with this. I may have made a mistake along the way. Any advice?

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