I would just like to share to you one interesting money making site that you might want to join which is My friend told me about this site and how he started generating income from it through listening to different music and referring some friends. Here is what I found out about this site:

What is 
SlicethePie started way back in 2007. It gives opportunities to music enthusiasts, artists and investors to get involved in the music industry. This site pays any individual who listens and reviews music from several aspiring music artists. It uses the opinion of the reviewers to determine whether an aspiring artist may have the chance to get some financing from investors and get launched.

As a reviewer, you should give detailed and valuable feedback so you have more chance of earning. You will be helping sort out the best music and giving those undiscovered artists the opportunity to get wider exposure and established a name in the music industry.

How does SlicethePie work? 
Be honest and offer a constructive review. Your reviews should be descriptive as possible. Remember, those reviews will be viewed directly by the artist, radio stations and even record labels. You can review different genre of music. Take note, never ever cheat. If you would get caught cheating, SlicethePie would not pay you. Cheating includes plagiarism, reproducing contents, submitting reviews using a proxy server and more. For more detailed information about this, just visit the site.

Now, once you built a good reputation as a reviewer on the site, your rank will increase. As a result, you get higher base payment per review you submitted.

Who can apply? 
Not everyone can join on SlicethePie. It all depends on your country. Once you open the site and your country got a restriction to use it, then the following will appear:

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

How much can I earn? 
Earnings may vary greatly. It all depends on how many reviews you can submit in a day. $10 is the minimum amount to cash out.

How do I get paid?
Payments is through your PayPal account.  So, be sure that the email you will register on the site is the same email for your PayPal account. You will receive a notification on the 1st week each month informing you of all the commissions you got from the previous month. Once you reached the minimum amount to cash out, you can request to withdraw your earnings. It would usually take 5 business working days to cash out your money. You can get your pay either by Mondays or Thursdays.

How do I get paid more?
Submit good quality reviews  and you will earn more. You can help not only yourself by earning extra income but as well as help the artists to get aware of the things needed to be improved. In addition, you can earn through their referral scheme. You get a bonus of 10% from the scout earnings of each individual you referred to the site. You can refer as many as you want.

For those aspiring artists, you can join SlicethePie by uploading your tracks on You can get some free reviews of your tracks. Anyway, the good thing about SlicethePie is that you can earn here without compromising your usual daily routine. All you need to do is to spend a few minutes of your time, do some quality reviews. However, take note, this is not once again a quick rich scheme. You have to work and do quality work to earn a decent amount of cash.