Cognitive Decline: Not Just a Concern for Seniors

A new study published last week in the BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) showed that cognitive decline in skills such as memory and reasoning is being seen in people as young as 45.

Most of us are aware that as we get older, our cognitive skills and abilities begin to decline, and many of us struggle with tasks that up until a few years ago we performed with ease.  With the median age of Americans now at 37, this means a large percentage of the population is already, or soon will be affected by a decline in their cognitive skills. When thinking about this decline in terms of driving ability, it's a scary prospect!

When the Foundation partnered with Posit Science back in 2009 to develop a program called DriveSharp, it was originally envisioned as a tool  to help the “over 60” population re-train their brains to process information, react faster when driving and to extend their overall safe driving years. The program has shown to reduce the risk of car crash by up to 50%, improve ‘divided attention’ (the skill that enables you to track multiple moving objects at once) and expand ‘useful field of view’(the area over which you can extract information from  in a single glance).

Though the Foundation has mainly endorsed this program as a way to help seniors extend their safe driving years, a major clinical trial known as the IMPACT study, showed that every adult can benefit from Posit Science's Brain Fitness Program, regardless of age or other factors. As cognitive decline is now being seen in people as young as 45, this program can benefit users of all ages, and help everyone stay sharp on the road!

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