What is
It is an audio transcription company which offers clients high quality transcripts of interviews, videos, lectures and more. There are more than a thousand of certified transcribers on this site. Aside from transcription works, Scribie also hires online audio transcriptionists. 

How to get started as Scribie audio transcriptionist?
It is very important that you have a verified PayPal account before applying for an audio transcription job at Scribie. If you do not have this,  then your application is readily rejected. Once you got your PayPal account verified and has a good working computer and internet connection at home, then you are ready to go. First thing that you do is to submit your application. You click Apply Now and you are directed to an online form. Be sure to fill in the form completely. Just one piece of advise, it is better that you input your typing speed at a higher level. The reason behind this is that there are other applicants who might have higher typing speed level than you do and their application process is prioritized first. (That was what I did on my first attempt at applying on Scribie. I keyed in 40 wpm, I was in the 20th slot. Then the next day I was in the 50th slot. However, I heard feedback from other Scribie transcribers that it is better to put in a higher speed typing level so that your application will be prioritized than the rest of the applicants. So, what I did, I deleted my application and reapplied. True enough, just two days after, I was advised to take the test.)

Moving on, your application will be confirmed through your email and it will be reviewed. Once you passed the application review, then you are invited to take an audio test. There is no time duration as when you would like to take the test. You can take it after a week, in a month's time or even more, so long as you are available to take the test. Anyway, the audio test file basically lasts around 6 minutes and you are given a turn around time (TAT) of two hours to finish the audio file test. There are more detailed instructions that you need to know further from the site. You need to follow those instructions carefully. When you log in to your account on Scribie, there are several test files that you can choose from. You can run each of these test files in just less than a minute to give you an idea which test file you would like to take. After that, you grab your chosen test file and start transcribing. There are software tools that you can download on your computer for you to start transcribing the audio file. You may use ExpressScribe  or other software. You have to complete the test within two hours. If you could not make it in two hours, your test would be automatically rejected.

Finally, you can submit your test file after some proofreading. The last process is the certification. At this stage, you would either be certified or rejected as a transcriber depending on the results of your audio test. If your test is rejected, you can see some errors you made in your test and compare the differences between the reviewed file and your submission. Every applicant is given 10 chances to retake the test if you do not pass for the first, second, third and so on. 

How much does Scribie pay?
According to the site, Scribie pays US$10 per audio hour and a dollar for a 6 minute long audio file. Payments can be withdrawn through your PayPal account. The company does not support any payment method aside from PayPal.

Additional information:
Once you are hired at Scribie, you can start your transcription work immediately. You have to be consistent in submitting excellent quality of your work. Later on, you will be promoted to become a reviewer. When you become a reviewer, you can earn extra income through their referral program. You refer people and earn around 5% commission once those people are hired. Anyway, this transcription job is available worldwide as long as you can access a PayPal account in your location. Newbies are welcome to apply.

My verdict:
I was a newbie in the transcription industry when I joined I had no idea about audio transcription job. Through this site, I gained more knowledge. As I started learning about the job, I came to realize that the US$1 per audio file payment cannot even support my daily needs. Still, I am thankful that I learned something from this company. I cannot discount that fact. 

Anyway, for those experienced transcriptionists, this may not be the right company to work for since the payment is quite measly. Right now, there are several audio transcription companies that offer around US$10-20 per audio file or even more depending on your expertise. 

If you are interested to join this transcription company, you can always check out the site,
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