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Writing is quite a challenging task. There are even times that writers experience what you call a "writer's block". This is when you just do not know what topic to write about or simply nothing comes into mind. Aside from this predicament, writers are faced with the problem of using proper grammar and appropriate words for written articles. Sometimes, you may even be at a loss for words.

Well, you do not have to worry anymore. If you have heard about Wordweb English dictionary, then you are perfectly on the right track in your writing career. Wordweb is a software tool that can be downloaded for free. There are several versions that you can choose from. It only takes a few minutes to install. Wordweb comes in a platform. You can see Wordweb, Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wordweb Online all integrated in one platform. As you can see from the picture below, the platform is pretty simple and and easy to use. You will learn more synonyms and antonyms for a certain word. In addition, you will learn what part of speech a certain word is. All you need to do is type a certain word in the "Lookup" box, then hit search. Everything will just appear on the platform. You can also check for the right pronunciation of a certain word by clicking the icon on the upper right side of the platform. This is indeed a very useful tool for writers.

My experience with Wordweb is simply amazing! It is easy, fast and reliable to use. I do not have trouble whether I have internet connection or not since it can still work offline. This is a great tool for work and research. When using the internet, it does not slow down my computer's speed performance. I have been using this software for almost four years now. So far, I can say that it has greatly helped me in my writing stuffs and other tasks. Wordweb is a must for everyone. It is not just a simple online dictionary but a grammar helper and spell checker as well. It boasts of several great features that would make the life of every writer more convenient and even the readers.
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