iWriter.com Review


What is iWriter.com?

iWrite.com is a writing site in which writers and clients meet up. As a client, this site is a reliable way for you to find writers that would write quality articles for your site. There are several freelance writers that can do the job quickly at an affordable rate. For aspiring writers, this is your chance to showcase your passion in writing. There are several written projects that you can work on at a different price rates. You have to submit good quality articles for you to increase your level and earn higher income. 

How to write articles and make money at i.Writer.com?

Anyone can register at iWriter.com and start earning money.  You can sign up for free and start writing articles for other people. There is no limit as to the number of articles you want to write in a day. The more you write articles, the more money you get to earn. 

Moving on,  once you activated your account, you can now start writing. You may choose topic(s) that you are good at. For every article that you choose to write, there is a corresponding time limit. Most of the times, you are given two to three hours to finish a certain task. Anyway, all these important details are further discussed on the tutorial video on the site. If you are interested, feel free to visit, iWriter.com

How much do writers earn? 

According to the site's information, writer's get 81% of the price of each article written and approved. The rest of the percentage is taken by PayPal for transaction fees and also by Copyscape for quality checks.  If you got a "special request" from a client, you receive an extra 5% earnings per article. Anyway, the mode of payment is through PayPal only. 

My verdict:

I have joined this site recently. I can say that the site is quite easy to follow. All you need to do is to look up on the  tutorial video. Everything is explained thoroughly. I have not started writing yet but I guess this site looks promising. I learned some feedback from other writers that the site really pays. Anyway, in the coming days, I will keep you posted with regards to my experience on the site. If you have any experience on iWriter. com, feel free to share your ideas. It would be greatly appreciated.

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