Advantages and Disadvantages of Traffic Exchange Programs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traffic Exchange Programs

As a newbie in the blogging world, I get too excited to see views on my blog increasing each day. I tried to research several ways on how to increase traffic on my blog. I tried all those recommendations, from promoting my blog site to social networking sites, giving sensible comments to fellow bloggers and more. Well, I got some good results since I was able to increase my views a bit each day. However, once you get a taste of some success you crave for more. That was what happened to me. I became impatient on getting the usual 20-30 audience views per day. So, I tried surfing the internet for better ways to get more traffic on my blog.

While surfing, I came across the term traffic exchange program. So, what is a traffic exchange program? It is a program in which you join so you can surf other members' websites and vice versa. This in return will earn you more traffic on your blog or site. There is a credit ratio scheme in which for every number of views you have made on other websites, you also get the same corresponding amount of views on your site. if you do not have time to surf other websites, you can also make used of paid advertisement for traffic exchange. Anyway, there are hundreds or even thousands of traffic exchange programs on the internet. Try to choose one that would best suit your needs. Each traffic exchange program has its own ways to get more views on your site. There are text ad exchange programs, banner exchange, blog traffic exchange and more.  As for me, so far, I have tried three traffic exchange programs. In my next blog, I will be discussing regarding my experiences on these sites.

Moving on, you might get overjoyed that traffic exchange programs may be  the answer to your slow traffic views on your site. However, this style has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Traffic Exchange Programs:
  • Traffic exchange programs are used for low budget advertisement promotions by small business owners or marketers.
  • With the traffic exchange, there would be an increase on the views of your blog which would increase trust from search engines.
  • For a newbie, the traffic you get from traffic exchange programs can help you get some new readers on your site.
  • While earning credits by viewing other sites, you may have the chance to see other sites related to yours. You can keep in touch with the site owner and start some direct link exchange. You can gain a good back link from a site with high PR rating. This in return can improve your site when it comes to search engine visibility. You also get direct traffic from the other site.
  • In addition, you will gain higher impressions on Google analytics and other analytics platform. If you are selling some advertisements on your blog or site, you can have the chance to get advertisers at a good price.

Disadvantages of Traffic Exchange Programs:
  • Based on my experience, I became so hooked up on surfing other sites using traffic exchange programs. I did not have much time to write more on my blogs.
  • There are traffic exchange programs that have low conversion rate. You need to do some investigations and trials just to get the best traffic exchange programs that would suit your needs.
  • There are no returning visitors and you rarely get some clicks on your advertisements. So, it means less revenue on your part.
  • There are some traffic exchange programs that are against Google Adsense' rules.
  • You can see some display ads on your websites which are quite irrelevant to your site. Some of these ads involve pictures of a sexy young woman or other stuffs. Readers may find it inappropriate.
  • Most surfers from traffic exchange programs do not spend much time reading the content of your site. You do not get full benefit of the program.
  • There are sites that you surf that may bring harm to your computer or may slow down your computer performance. Sometimes, it takes time to open these sites which is also time consuming.  
  • And the most important thing, you will get high bounce rates which is not good at all. Higher bounce rate means that people are not interested in your blog content. The bounce rate increases when your visitors stay only for a few seconds on your site. 

Finally,  as much as possible try to stay away from traffic exchange programs if you do not really need it. A good organic traffic on your site is good enough to boost your site or blog on the online world. Traffic exchange is not highly recommended by experienced bloggers as there are more disadvantages than advantages. At the end of the day, it is always your choice. Just consider those advantages and disadvantages I mentioned above.

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