CentWorkers.com Review

CentWorkers.com Review

I revisited some of the sites that I signed up before. One of these is CentWorkers.com. I have been a member of this site for almost 6 months now. Unfortunately, up until now, I have not received any payment yet from the site. Anyway, here are some interesting information about CentWorkers:

What is CentWorkers?
CentWorkers, a website which caters both employers and employees. Employees begin some job campaigns and look for workers to do some micro jobs which  include writing articles, uploading videos, joining a Facebook group, voting, following on twitter and several other tasks. CentWorkers is almost the same as Microworkers. I did a separate review on Microworkers. You might want to read it as well.

Who can apply on CentWorkers?
Anyone can apply as long as you can do those micro jobs efficiently. You are only entitled to use one user account within your household so you will not be banned from the site. 

How and when do you get paid? 
There are several tasks that a worker can choose from the platform. You click any of the available tasks, follow the instructions carefully and submit your task. A worker should  get a "satisfied" rate from the employer before earning is approved. If you get a "not satisfied" remark, you will not get paid for your task. According to the site, workers can withdraw money through PayPal account. However, just like Microworkers, I do not understand why they still ask for a PIN number. On the site, you can read words like these:  

PIN will be sent to your mailing address after placing first withdrawal request.
Once you submit correct PIN we will start sending payments to you.

I tried requesting for a PIN on my Microworkers account but it never went through my mailing address.I noticed that both sites, Microworkers and CentWorkers, have almost identical rules and style.

My verdict:
I cannot attest whether this site is a scam or not. I stopped working on CentWorks since I also got busy from my full-time job. I revisited the site a week ago. It is still working and there are still available tasks. I just hope that the PIN number can be sent through email. There is a big chance that the post mail will not reach its mailing address just like what happened when I requested for a PIN from Microworkers. This is my main concern from the site. What about you? Got some interesting ideas to share about CentWorkers?

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