MinuteWorkers.com Review

MinuteWorkers.com Review

Minute Workers is another website which I signed up last year. I was not able to attend tasks on this site since I got busy with other online job sites and with my full-time job as well. I revisited the site just a few days ago. There are still several tasks available such as answering surveys, signing up on sites, downloading files, pay per clicks and several others. Anyway, here is an additional information about Minute Workers:

What is Minute Workers?
Just like Microworkers and CentWorkers, there are available "micro" jobs that members may work on. You are get paid every time you submit complete and accurate task. There are several members on the site which have posted their earnings in the forums. You might as well check it out if you wanted to know whether it is a scam or not. You can judge it for yourself.

How does Minute Workers work?
You can grab those small tasks which you think you can completely finish. Those small tasks available on the site have corresponding amount which would usually range from $0.10 and more. It would only take a few minutes to finish a particular task. Just take note that some tasks have specific location requirements for members.

How do I get paid?
Payment is through AlertPay and PayPal account though there might have been some troubles about withdrawing funds through AlertPay. There is a special notice on the platform that goes like this, " NOTICE: If you have recently deposited money with AlertPay your account balance may not of been updated, the problem was not fixed due to the admin being away. To claim the money via refund or balance update please click here".

What  is the minimum amount to withdraw funds?
You can choose an early payment method. You can withdraw funds once you reached $2.00 but a 10% fee will be deducted from your earnings. You can also choose for a normal payment method which is $10. This time, there will be no deductions on your earnings and you can withdraw the money in full amount. 

Are there other ways to earn money from the site?
Yes, one can earn through their referral system. When someone sign up from your referral link, automatically, you will earn $0.05. When that particular member get paid for a task, you also earn an extra amount which is $0.10. Another way to earn extra income is by forum posting. The site has available forum for members. You are paid $0.01 per post. 

My verdict:
I already did 3 tasks on this site. I have not yet reached the minimum requirement for withdrawing funds. I can say that the site is decent enough. There is an available forum in which members can freely discuss stuffs. In addition, there are proof of payments from members which may attest that the site is legitimate. Another thing, I like the fact that the site updates their members' payout through tweets. 

The site offers low payout. Do not expect that you can get rich through working on this site. However, once those earnings piled up, you can get some decent amount of cash. It is another simple way to augment your online income. You can always work on the site during your free time. If you are interested, just check it out: Minute Workers.
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