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Have you ever tried getting paid to provide feedback on websites? Well, I stumbled upon StartUpLift just days ago. This is another interesting site that you can earn some extra income. I have been browsing the site for days now before I signed up. I read some feedback and most of them were positive. Some members showed proofs of payment from the site. Anyway, here is what I found out about StartUpLift. 

What is StartUpLift?
StartUpLift is actually a good chance for both startup website owners and workers to work together. Those business owners who are planning to launch their sites and other web-based projects can ask some insightful feedback from members through StartUpLift platform. For the workers, there are questions given and you answer them based on your opinion of the site or project. Give your honest opinion as this will help business owners improve their projects.

How much will you earn from the site?
Payments are around 5$ and more. It all depends on the client's offer. You need to browse the site thoroughly and write your honest opinion in a detailed manner. Anyway, the awards given from most clients are very limited like around 5 awards only.

How are reviewers paid?
Although I have not started any project on the site yet, it mentions that payment is through PayPal account and they pay every Monday. You have to take note that you are not allowed to review more than five sites in a day. This is to ensure quality reviews for the clients.

Who can apply at StartUpLift?
It is not specifically mentioned as who can apply on the site. I know they ask for Paypal account as a mode of payment. So, I think it is safe to say that anybody can apply as long as you have your PayPal account and of course can write proper English.

My verdict:
So far, I have not written any reviews yet though I tried writing a review yesterday. Unfortunately, that particular project was closed during the time I started writing my review. The client already awarded the reviewers. You really have to accept projects as fast as you can since a time duration is posted on each project.

Anyway, all members are welcome to review and only the required number of good reviews are approved and paid. So, there is no guarantee whether you will get paid for your reviews or not. You have to make sure to submit excellent quality reviews to increase your chance of earning. In addition, bear in mind that not all projects posted on the site give an award to reviewers. I encountered some of those while browsing their platform.

StartUpLift is still a new site and was just created around 2010. There are not too many clients yet but I can see there are several reviewers available. I read some of the reviews from members and they were quite detailed, informative and useful. So, the best tips that I can give for anyone who aspires to work on the site is try to be as detailed as you can be. Be very honest with your opinion, give some constructive criticisms, offer some suggestions and of course you also give praises on some positive features of a particular project. After all, StartUpLift was created in order to give clients the best ways they can do to improve their products, sites and businesses based on the opinion of the people. If you are interested, you can always check it out,

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