When the 'Other Guy' is You...

Ask someone if they’ve ever experienced ‘road rage’ and most will have a story to share involving an aggressive driver, but too many people think 'the other guy' is the problem and don’t see how their own driving behaviors could be seen as aggressive to others. As February is Aggressive Driving Awareness Month, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on your habits behind the wheel, as well as provide some suggestions on what to do when faced with an aggressive driver.

When drivers are asked what angers them most, the results are remarkably consistent- being cut off, driving slowly in the left lane, tailgating and making obscene gestures always top the list.  If you find yourself doing any of these on a regular basis, this quiz can help you determine if you might be an aggressive driver.  

It’s also important to know how to react when faced with a driver who is acting aggressively. The safest thing to do is to give the driver lots of room and not to engage- one angry driver can’t start a fight unless another driver is willing to join in. Steer clear of the driver, avoid eye contact, and if the behavior continues, drive to a populated area and call the police.

More information about Road Rage and Aggressive Driving can be found here.