What is a Blog Directory?


As a newbie in the blogging world, I always wonder what are those small buttons above. I usually see those buttons from almost all of the blogs that I browse every day. I really got curious and so I did a few investigations. The collective name of those small buttons is a blog directory button. I researched further and I found out that there are hundreds of blog directories out there. Here are some interesting facts I learned about blog directory. 

What is a blog directory? 
A blog directory categorizes and compiles all those millions of blogs on the internet. It is helpful in sorting out a certain blog site into its appropriate category. It would be easy now for blog visitors to browse over the different categories of blogs that would interest them. There are even great blog directories which allow small descriptions and reviews for blogs so it would be easy to identify them from the rest of the blogs.

What is its importance in blogging? 
All bloggers wanted to be visible on the internet. You want someone would read your blogs and so you build audience. Promoting your blogs play an important role in blogging. Aside from social networking sites, one way to gain audience is through blog directories. The importance of blog directory is that it may improve a blog's position in search engines. There are several blog directories that have high ranking because of the high amount of inbound links to them. Those top blog directories got relevant contents and are strictly structured. An inbound link from these top blog directories can improve a blog's position in the search engines. Google crawls blog directories oftentimes. So, all the sites listed in a particular top blog directory will also be crawled by Google. It helps in promoting your blogs and increase back links. In addition, you can be a part of a growing community of bloggers in which you can learn additional tips from them and exchange some links.

Now, there are different blog directories that you can choose from. There are those that function automatically. A blogger may submit his/her blog so it can be automatically included.It is quite easy to join in any blog directory of your choice. You only have to submit your blog, fill out a form, copy and paste the html code of a certain blog directory on your blog, then wait for approval. Any blogger can submit their blogs as long as it does not violate the terms and condition of any specific blog directory. Furthermore, there are other blog directories in which employees or volunteers will check blogs that are submitted before they are approved. Blog directories may or may not require bloggers to have a small blog button on their blogs. There are several blog directories that you might want to submit your blogs. Most of the blog directories on this list have high page rank:

1. Technorati - One of the most established blog directories with more than 30 categories to date. It can increase visibility of your blog sites with thousands of bloggers on the site.

2. Blog Catalog - A premier blog directory that aids you to promote your blogs, connects with other bloggers and find relevant blogs that would suit your interest.

3. Blogged -  An interesting blog directory that allows you to write reviews on some blogs. You can also gain information about news events around the world.

4. Globe of Blogs - There are several categories on this blog directory but you can narrow down your search according to topic, location, title, author and even by birthday.

5. Bloggeries - The platform is quite clean and easy to maneuver. Check it out and submit your blogs.

6. Blogarama -  Blogs are reviewed by editors before they are approved. This is one decent blog directory in driving traffic to your blog.

7. Blogflux -  A great resource to get your blog site up and running. This blog directory features a great number of community bloggers who are ready to help you about blogging.

8. FuelMyBlog - Blogs are reviewed manually before adding on the site.It offers several services to bloggers. Check it out.

9. Topbloglists - This blog directory has more than three dozens of categories. Ranking of blogs is present on this site.

10. Bloghints - Gain visibility of your blogs by submitting it on this blog directory for free.

More top blog directories that you might interested to check out:

Finally, gaining exposure for your blogs is very crucial in building organic traffics and a good revenue. There are many ways in building links but blog directory submission is quite easy and cost effective.

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