There are just too many writing sites on the internet. It is a matter of searching the most credible and established writing sites for any online writer to work on. As you know, my blog is all about discovering income generating websites, something that I can share with my readers. Most of the websites that I have reviewed so far have been tried and tested by yours truly. However, there were also some sites that I have not tried yet. Now, this is where I need some honest opinions from my blog readers who can share a thing or two about a particular website. This is a great channel for us to brainstorm ideas, make suggestions, and even identify some scam sites. 

Anyway, talking about my topic for the day, I found out while searching the internet. Here are what I learned from the site: Review

What is is a UK based company.The site has its slogan, "You type, we pay". This is a writing site in which you can showcase your skill in writing stories.

Who can apply?
Anyone can apply as long as you are 10 years old and above. For under 18 y.o., you need to have your parent's permission to register on the site. This is actually a good chance for teenagers who dabble into writing and work at home moms who have ample time to write online. You just need to use your skills and imaginations, then put it into writing.

How to start writing on
It is very simple, you sign up, choose your username and password, provide your email address and date of birth. Then, an email validation will be sent to you and you need to click the link. After that, you can log in, start writing and earn money. You need to browse your account page and choose a group from the list of stories available. There are no limits as to how many you can write. You just have to finish writing one story before proceeding to another story group. Now for the writing material, there are keywords provided and you should include these keywords in writing your story. Once you finished writing and are satisfied with your content, you can submit it and then it will be checked by a moderator. If your work is declined, it will be sent back to you and see the reason/s why your work is declined. Do not worry, you can make some necessary changes and resubmit your written story.

How much do I earn? 
You can earn from 5p to £1.50. You earn more money depending on the required words. So, if you have written around 400 words, you could earn around 75p. For 25 words, you could earn 5p.

What is the mode of payment?
As of now, they pay through PayPal or cheque. When your account balance reaches £10.00, the "Transfer Money" button will be visible. Click it and request for the transfer of your funds. Note, you will get everything that you earned. The company will not take any percentage from your earnings. It will take up around 14 days to process payments from the moment the company receive confirmation of your payment request. In addition, aside from writing stories, one can earn from this site through their referral system. If you are interested just visit the site,

My verdict: 
I read both positive and negative feedback about this site. We can see on the site's homepage their top 5 earners. Let me just note that I have never tried this site so I cannot attest whether it is legitimate or not.  Remember, before you apply for any writing site, read for feedback first from other writers. Of course, never shell out any amount of money to apply for an online job.  Anyway, if you have any experience from this site, feel free to share it.

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