Changing Parts of Speech (Question No 3) - HSC English 1st Paper Tutorials

How to Answer to the Question No 3 of HSC English 1st Paper

In this question students are to use correct form of given words (changing part of speech). If you have a good knowledge over parts of speech, tense and vocabulary, you can easily answer the question. But most of our students are weak in English. So, I am showing some of very important tricks to answer correctly.

Tips 1: “To Be” Verb before gap

Noun/Adective (given word is non verb)
Verb + ing (continuous tense in Active voice)
Past Participle of Verb (Passive Voice)

Rule 1: If there is a “Be” verb before gap and the given word is “Non Verb” answer should be a “Noun or Adjective”
Example: Filth and waste is ....... (responsibility) for environment pollution.
Answer: Filth and waste is responsible for environment pollution.
Here responsible is an adjective.

Rule 2: If the sentence is started with Subject (কর্তা বা যেটি ক্রিয়ার কাজ সম্পাদন করেন)and the given word is a “Verb”, the answer should be “Verb+ing” according to continuous tense in Active Voice.

Example: He is ...........(eat) a mango. Answer: He is eating a mango.
Here subject “He” is directly taking action of verb “eat” (কর্তা He সরাসরি খাওয়ার কাজটি সম্পাদন করছেন)

Rule 3: If the sentence is started with Object (যে/যেটি ক্রিয়ার কাজের দ্বারা প্রভাবিত হয়)and the given word is a “Verb”,the answer should be Past participle of Verb according to Passive Voice. and may be added a preposition (by, to, from, with, etc.)

Example: A mango is ........... (eat) by him.  Answer:A mango is eaten by him
Here the sentence is started with A mango. “Mango” is directly taking the effect of Verb “eat” (Mango এখানে eat এর কাজ করছেনা বরং কাজের দ্বারা প্রভাবিত হচ্ছে। তাই এটি একটি Object)

Practice the following questions yourself:
1. He is ...........(eat) a mango.
2. The environment is being ........... (pollute) by the disposal of waste.
3. A mango is ........... (eat) by him.
4. English ............. (treat) as a foreign language.
5. At present decline .............. (notice) in kinship.
6. Carbon dioxide ......... (produce) the burning of fossil fuels.
7. Oceans are said to .......... (affect) by both human and non human factors.
8. Smoke is created when anything ............. (burn)
9. Noise pollution ........... (cause) vehicular horns and microphones.
10. Unnecessary deaths can ............ (avoid)
11. Our sensibility is ............ (refine) education.
12. ILO is ......... (operate) some programs to develop rural women.
13. Now folk music ..........(sing) western instruments.
14. Spoons and forks ........... (use) eating.
15. The vibration of sound ........... (desire) be tolerable.
16. If the sea level rises abnormally, we have reason to be ..........(worry).
17. Experts are very much ...........(alarm) the frequent occurrence of earthquakes.

Answers: 1) eating, 2) polluted, 3) eaten, 4) is treated 5) is noticed, 6) is produced by, 7) be affected, 8) burnt, 9) is caused by, 10) be avoided, 11) refined by, 12) operating, 13) is sung with, 14) are used, 15) is desired to, 16) worried, 17) alarmed with

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