Google and Alexa page Ranking

Today I will discuss about Google and Alexa page ranking. What is difference between  Google page & Alexa page ranking?

Google Page Ranking

 Page rank, which is designed by Google, is mainly based on link building and keywords. Large amount of inbound links will amplify the page rank.  It is a complete ranking algorithm that may be taken into account, not by the traffic it generates, but also by the usability of your website. Page ranking is used as an estimate for proficient link building services. Page Rank ranks a visited page as a whole number between 0 and 10. The popular websites have a rank of 10 and the least have a rank of 0.
A good web page must enclose the crucial information that people are looking for. While developing web content it is vital to find out the important keywords and put those in the right place. Keywords guide you through the overall content strategy. Keywords will help your website rank first.

Alexa ranking

Alexa rank is a ranking system is specially designed for Alexa toolbar. Alexa takes the browsing data from millions of people that use this toolbar and computes the traffic ranking of each site based upon the reach and page views. Low traffic sites are little bit harder to test accurately, but once a site reaches a 100,000 or less ranking the precision of the measure boosts up. Lower your Alexa rank, the reliability of that ranking increase. The Alexa ranking is considered as a reasonable representation for your website’s traffic and authority. Alexa rank does not count the mass appeal of a website, rather acts as a tool that ranks sites with more systematic users. Alexa ranking is just opposite of the Google page ranking .Google rank is increasing gradually 0-10 this is good for website but alexa ranking is decreasing is good for any website like 78900987-564 position. If you want to check your alexa rank the you can go to this website: