Most popular firefox add ons

Today I will introduce with you some most popular firefox add ons . Let’s see at a glance:

1.    Adblock plus: It wills relief from different types of boring advertisement (like pop up). So you can visit any website easily. Get in here.

2.    Auto copy: If you want to copy any line form website then you need to just select the line. Automatically this extension will help to copy the line. Try out it here.

3.    Cool Previews: You can Preview any website before going into the website.what do you think? yes !!! Jossss :). Install it here.

4.    Easy YouTube Video Downloader:  By using this addon you can download video from youtube without any software. Download option will come under the video. Check out it here.

5.    Page Saver: Do you want to take any screen shot from your webpage? Just install it then you will see “Page Saver” option. Click on this icon and try to get your desire screen shot. Excellent right? ;) Take it here.

6.    WOT: I hope it is another useful addon. It will show which website is Trusted and which is Untrusted.  Find out here.

7.    Gmail Notifier : If you use this extension then you need not to login your gmail account for checking inbox. It will show you directly about the current situation of your gmail.Try to get it here.

Try to install them and let me know which are the best add-ons?