Popular Foundation Brochures Now Available in Spanish

Our mission at the Foundation is to “save lives through research and education,” and today we have taken an important step toward reaching a broader audience with our safety messaging. Our five most popular brochures are now available online in Spanish, and can be downloaded here free of charge.

Drawing upon the latest scientific findings of the Foundation’s research efforts, these brochures provide practical insights and tips for motorists and other road users in an effort to promote safety for all on the nation’s highways. The critical traffic safety topics addressed include:

-          Distractions in Everyday Driving
-          How to Avoid Drowsy Driving
-          How to Avoid Headlight Glare
-          The Older and Wiser Driver
-          Road Rage

We are very pleased to be able to expand our Spanish language offerings, and sincerely hope that these brochures will be valuable resources for driving schools, police departments, senior centers, community groups, and all of our safety partners who are trying to save lives and mitigate injuries on our roads.