What Is Search Engine Optimization /SEO?

Internet has made significant changes to today’s modern world. In the beginning, Websites were considered as a collection of linked set of documents. Couple of years ago brochures, banners, radio and television were commonly used for publicity of various products and services. Those advertising campaigns were time consuming and futilein influencing the customers. Nowadays, Internet has made it possible to market products and services globally in an effective way. 

 This leads to a new era in marketing called internet marketing or E-Marketing. Most of the companies around the world are trying to drive their sales through various online marketing strategies like Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and E-mail Marketing (EMM).

 Search Engine Optimization is a form of internet marketing strategy generating organic traffic to the website and thereby giving the much needed push to the sales and services of a company.  SEO considers the working of search engines, identifying search terms and promoting the website and services through directories and classifieds. An SEO firm will adapt a combination of various services like keyword research, link building, social media submission and search engine marketing in order to generate high ranking in search engine results. Search Engines rank various pages in search results by analyzing the page content and quality of links to those pages. 

Search Engines work by crawling the web and indexing the pages in a database. When a search request arise the search engines compares the strings in the request with the indexed pages in database. Search Engines will calculate the relevancy of the indexed pages based on their algorithm and the results will be retrieved and displayed to the user. Various ranking factors like title tags, Meta description, keyword density, domain age, social signals etc. are considered by the search engine algorithm to effectively rank the web pages. Search engines make changes to their algorithm frequently and hence require consistent efforts to keep the webpage on top of the search results.

Social SEO will be the future generation of SEO. Earlier businesses considered social media and SEO as two separate units with dedicated teams. But, nowadays they are considered to go hand in hand. Search Engines like Google and Bing give considerable importance to the social media metrics in their search engine results. Responses from Social Media Websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc. are given considerable importance in the search engine rankings. Every like, retweet and repin are going to be considered by search engines to rank pages in the future. SMO can generate huge traffic to your website from numerous social media channels. Social Media promotion will not only improve your search engine rankings but also helps you to market your services to the world.
  Even now, people consider Internet as an essential part of their daily life. Hence, online marketing and SEO will be considered as the best marketing strategy. A powerful web presence will generate considerable leads to your products and services. But, it will require time and persistence.