Best Free Antivirus Download in 2013

I am giving you 6 antivirus download links. You can check them and try to find out best one antivirus for your computer. 

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. This is the most efficient antivirus software with attractive price. This user friendly software performance satisfied both advanced and average antivirus users. Installation is a step by step process and quite fast. It doesn’t require any reboot. The process needs a per-installation scan. User has to drag module and drop them to perform action straight from main window. There is an Autopilot system which controls security related decisions unlike other software’. So, there will be no alerts, no beeps or nothing. Only if the user choose to operate manually, the autopilot would shut itself off the moment user intervenes. Download link

 Kaspersky antivirus software comes second in the list. Comparing to Bitdefender, it costs two times more. It is one of the best and widely used software among others. It also doesn’t require restart while installation. This software includes three licenses. It has a bootable recovery disk with specialized tool, which prevents malware infection while installation. User can set preferences and doesn’t need to monitor the computer all the time. This software updates and scans itself automatically. Plus point is, it provides real time security while browsing the webs, emails and even downloading. If any threat occurs, it warns the user immediately. Download link

 Norton Antivirus is also easy to install and user friendly. It is comparatively a fast scanner. Moreover, it provides 24/7 customer service. It has the ability to disinfect the machines which are infected already. It keeps users on social network but for better anti-phishing, it needs to be upgraded to internet security version. Download link

 G Data Antivirus uses two separate engines to operate scanning. It is fast and simple to install and the additional setups is also very quick. Although it has two engines but doesn’t slow down the computer. However, it doesn’t have extra features like link scanner, battery saving mode and gamer mode. They provide emergency phone assistance. Download link

 Avast Antivirus has the system which runs a preemptive scan to find out any deep-rooted threat which can cause problem in the installation process. It has a Safe Zone system for online banking and shopping. It also provides an Auto Sandbox which opens suspicious threat in the box to prevent any threat. Overall, it creates a virtual desktop and use a reputation based scanning of links. This also doesn’t include anti-phishing. Download link

AVG Antivirus is well-known and used software with efficiency and good features. It contains a personal database of well-known threats in order to prevent any infection. It also includes a cloud technology to protect computer from zero-day threats. AVG provides live chat supporting for its users. Download link

 To choose among the top anti-viruses, users have to decide based on their need. This software has distinct features and can be customized according to their program. Before choosing antivirus software, user must be sure of the specific need, efficiency and user friendliness.
Let me know which antivirus you will use ?