Top free iphone apps and games in 2013

Iphone is one of the most popular smart phones in the world. The phone comes with many exciting application that add a lot of value to users. However, some of these applications are sold at over a hundred dollars. As a result, many people are not willing to spend money on applications that they are not sure of. The only way out for them is going for free applications so that they can have a try first before purchasing the full versions. Below is a list of Best free iphone apps that can help your in making your choice.

1. Injustice – God Among Us


Injustice is one of the best free iphone applications that you can have. It is a mobile game that features Heros and villains in DC. Many people refer to this game as God among Us as it is contains collectible cards and characters. You can customize the moves and powers that each character have before going into the battle. Download  here

2.  Vine 

If you want to arrange your photos and videos orderly before sharing them with your friends and loved ones, vine is the application for you. Vine is one of the free applications that come with unlimited storage space for your videos and pictures. You can download this application by visiting the application store. The best thing with this application is that users can share their content on twitter and Facebook. Here is the download link

3. Sonic Dash

Another notable Best free iphone apps is sonic dash. In the beginning, users had to purchase this application from apple store but now, it is free. However, it is important to note that this game is only compatible with iphone 2 going upwards due to its resources requirement. It features a hedgehog that runs over obstacles. Sonic dash is a game that those who love speed and adventure can enjoy. Try to get it here

4.  Solar


Solar is one of the most popular applications when it comes to weather. It provides one with information about weather in different parts of the world. Solar is loved by many because it is user friendly, has a good interface and updates regularly. It is a valuable application for travelers and farmers. You can download here

5.  Candy Crush Saga


If you like playing puzzle a lot, you should not mind as there are some good ones in the Top free iphone apps. Candy Crush Saga is one such game that many people like to play. A player can go to over 100 levels as they try to go through barriers. Each level ahead is much more difficult than the previous one. Users can find this game on the application store. Download here

6.  Real Basketball

If you are a basketball player, you can have a time of your life by playing Real Basketball. The game is easy to play as it comes loaded with a user friendly interface that has all buttons that a player requires. It contains both single and multiple player options for game lovers. The best thing is that users can choose to play online with other game lovers. Get it here.

7.  Snapchat

Many people like chatting on their iPhone a lot. Snapchat is an application that allows user to chat with their friends and relatives using pictures. Users can set the time that their messages can appear on the other end.  Try to get it here

8. Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. is another popular application amongst Top free iphone apps. This application allows users to play with their virtual pet. Downland link

9. Google Maps

Google Maps allows users to navigate the world as it is comprehensive and easy to use. Google Maps can allow you to tour places that you did not know. Furthermore, it can help you in finding hotels, bars and other facilities. Download here

10 Toca Tailor

Toca Tailor is another application that one can download freely from the apple store. The application allows one to design outfits for free. There are four characters that you can design clothes for. You have the option of choosing then design that you will work with.  You can download here
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